Magnepan new 20.1R and older 20R, sonic?

I am trying to find out how big of an improvement in sound quality is out of the 20.1R over the older 20R. The improvements from 3.5 to 3.6 were not dramatic as far as I can remember, and I am wondering if this might be the case between 20.1R and 20R.
If you had manage to listen to both speakers, I would really be thankfull if you can share your experiances.

Thx Terry
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Terryakhan, I have in my system MG-20's and very seriously listened to MG-20.1's and found the difference between the two speakers to be very slight in all sonic areas. The only difference I could discern, maybe, was that 20.1's would play somewhat louder with greater clarity on huge dynamics, but that was about it. So, I kept my 20's and invested my money in the rest of my upstream components.
The 20R sound best bi-amped with an active crossover.
The 20.1's sound better with a single amp through the passive crossover.
These difference might make the choice for you..

If the difference between the 3.5 and the 3.6 wasn't enough, then you might want to look at your upstream hardware and room acoustics.