Magnepan needs your help

Magnepan needs your help.

Are you willing to publicly give your feedback of Magnepan’s proposed new speaker concept? Below are the cities and dates of select cities for the first tour to hear public opinions. Instead of filling out focus group forms or giving information to Magnepan’s representatives at the demonstration, Magnepan is encouraging public debate. (Negative feedback can be just as valuable as positive feedback.)

If you are interested in hearing this speaker concept, it is critical that your dealer have your contact information. Winter storms could cause a delay of the tour.

Chicago-- Quintessence Audio, Wednesday, December 11th
Toronto-- Audio Excellence, Saturday, December 14th
Pittsburgh-- Butch’s Sound and Vision, Monday, December 16th
Northern New Jersey (Verona)-- Audio Connection, Wednesday, December 18th

- Wendell Diller, Magnepan
Hi Grossman,

Verona will be the event for the New York area, so no need to worry about it not being your dealer, just call them and make arrangements. That's the one I'm going to myself, hope to meet you there!

I guess the proof is in the pudding, but I can tell you after many conversations with Wendell that Magnepan was not going to release these if it meant compromising Maggie bass. That was the big challenge here -- to get planar bass out of a small package. I guess we'll all learn soon whether they've succeeded!
Mike, I suspect you're right. Sure, this will be more expensive, but worth it. It's hard to imagine that people won't want it if it's as good as they say, but it won't work unless there's full customer and dealer acceptance and that, I think, is one of the main reasons for the tour -- to show the prototype and see if everyone is on board. If not, it doesn't make sense for them to invest in the production engineering for what for them is a radically new product.

@richopp, I bought my first Maggies---the Tympani T-I---in ’73, and loved what they did well. But I missed the liquid-transparency and "snap" of ESL’s (the early Maggies were a tad veiled and soft), and the bottom octave (we didn’t at that time know about bracing the panels). So when in ’74 the Fulton Model J was introduced, I sold the Tympanis and bought a pair.

It didn’t take long for me to regret that move: yes, the Fulton was more transparent (those RTR ESL tweeters were about the best available at the time), and had "shuddery"/deep, deep bass, but lacked the wide-open sound (the sound box speakers produce seems to be squeezed through the boxes) and lifesize images (big instruments sound like dollhouse miniatures through small loudspeakers) of planars. I experienced planar-withdrawal! I sold the Fultons and have been a panel-lover ever since (current owner of Tympani T-IVa, Eminent Technology LFT-8b, and original Quad ESL)..

But to get deep bass out of planars, the panels have to be very large (Tympani double bass panels---or the new 30.7, and SoundLab ESL’s). That Tympani bass is unlike that produced by any dynamic woofer I’ve ever heard, until I heard a really good OB/Dipole (there have been some poor ones, like those Gradient made for Quads). For those not having room for the 36" wide (each channel!) Tympani bass panels, these prototype 12" wide Magnepan OB subs are a very welcome alternative.

Sure, the GR Research/Rythmik OB/Dipole Sub has been available for almost ten years (and is fantastic!), but it is available only as a DIY kit, the H- or W-frames the kit (in basic form a pair of 12" servo-feedback woofers and associated plate amp) is installed in needing to be built (there are easy-to-assemble flat packs available). Many audiophiles have no interest in anything DIY, so again, the possibility of a commercially-available OB/Dipole sub, especially one designed specifically for Magneplanar loudspeakers, is of great interest. While no substitute for big panels, an OB/Dipole sub is as close as you can get to the taut, percussive (piano! drums! slapped upright bass! Yo Yo Ma's attack on his cello!) bass impact that planars produce.

Quarter century Maggie owner here. I would love to go to the Chicago showing. Do I just call Quintessence?

This sounds like my next speaker!