Magnepan Mods

It appears that they are using upgraded crossovers. I guess I'm confused as to why Magnepan wouldn't offer these upgrades themselves. It's super inefficient to pay for shipping both ways, have someone rebuild it, and then wait a few months to get it back...hopefully with no shipping damage. If Magnepan isn't maximizing their products, it seems like a competitor could make a me too product with a better crossover and a nicer stand option. Am I missing something?  
Magnepan Mods

Often thought to myself, if I ever came across another pair of Maggie Tympanies cheap, I would like to do a mod on them and change the old Ferrite bar magnets for some  new Neodymium bar magnets now that they are not too expensive to buy, this should radically lift the low efficiency of the Tympanies to great heights.

Cheers George
Search YT channel OCD. He just finished modding a pair with custom frames. Looks awesome. He should be posting a listening session soon
I have a pair of Magnestand MG-12s. I followed Peter Gunns instructions and noticed huge improvements in mids and bass. I had the opportunity to listen to modded vs. stock side by side. I then sent them to him for full frames and that took everything to a new level. I have not given thought to speakers since and it's been 6 years now !
Thanks for the discussion about PG and his modification work on the older Maggie’s. I am running my own comparison I guess. I am in line with PG to get my older 1.6 s modified. I use them in my system in my Bonus room. My main system now uses the 1.7i and I just added the bass panel - DWM. The sound is great, but my Krell integrated amps are having trouble pushing the load - Magnepan recommences putting the bass panel in parallel. Both of my Krell now overheat (KAV 400 and S550i). 
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