Magnepan MMGs, Small Room, Unusual Placement?

I'm still kicking around ideas for a home office system in a 9.5' x 12' x 8' high room and wondered if the following sounds like it has possibilities or no...

Can the Magnepan MMGs be hung from the ceiling? (not downward firing but hinged with piano wire at the top and the 48" length allowed to hang parallel to the front, 9.5', wall) They'd be situated approx 24" - 30" out from the 9.5' wall and with 48" between the inside edges of them......probably 6" to 12" between the ceiling and the top edge of the speakers. This would put 19" between the outside edges of the speakers and the side walls. These would flank a 24" iMac computer by approx 12" on either side. Not looking for loudness, just great musicality at low to low/medium volumes and something that will provide an upgrade in the "awesome" category over what I've got presently just using the built in speakers of the iMac. Wide variety of musical tastes but, again, don't need much volume.....I've got another system in the other part of the house for that. My critical listening position would be approx. 7' away from the speakers but am wondering what the possibilities for this type setup would be for nearfield listening where one is practically sitting between the two speakers......would be great to get totally lost in the music while doing graphic work on the computer. I would probably power these either with either a Creek Destiny or the other Creek integrated one step down from the Destiny or possibly with a Peachtree Audio Nova. Would be particularly interested to hear what any MMG owners/former owners think of this setup before I have them shipped out... Other option I'm considering is same amp choices with a pair of Von Schweikert VR-1s.

maggie makes a wall hanging speaker.

You might be the first to try this, so who knows if this would work? I'm unsure if the MMG is vertically symmetrical. On the chance that it isn't, you might think about hanging it upside down - bottom of the speaker near the ceiling. This will approximate locating the speaker a foot or so off the "floor" (or ceiling in this case).

Also, if you want to try this, I'd think that the you might also want to run a second pair of wires from the floor up to the bottom (or "top" if you hang 'em upside down) of the MMG's frame to hold the speaker under tension. This will approximate the mass of the speaker and its tendency to prevent movement when placed on the floor.

No experience here, just ideas.
Good Luck - please post results if you try this.