Magnepan MMG or Vandersteen 1C

Looking for opinions on which one of these pair of speakers would work best in a small 15X10 room with 8 foot high ceiling. The system has to be set up against the 15 foot side of the room. I've been using Martin Logan Aerius i in this room for the past 12 years -they're placed 7 feet apart, 3 feet out from the front of the speaker to the wall behind them, and are toed in. The Aerius i's work good in this small room, but at times I feel like the speakers are too large for the room, so, I feel like trying something different and a little smaller. I don't care for small monitors. Thanks for your thoughts.
Scroll down the page a bit, and you'll see a nearly identical question was asked a few days ago. Lots of answers.

IMO not the Maggies if you're speakers will be on the long wall. You won't have enough overall depth to bring them far enough out in to the room. You'll have a nasty front wall timing/reflection issue from the dipole backwave.

Not to mention the rear wall reflection you're going to have with any speaker you choose, which you should be factoring in to your plans, as in look at some absorption panels for the wall behind your head. Your listening position is likely going to be very close to the back wall not matter what.
Are you using a subwoofer? If not, definitely the Vandersteens.
Sounds like you might have some budget gear. The vandersteens will most likely sound good with a wider range of budget gear. The mmgs can sound amazing with the right amp and ok with others. Try Naim. The naim gear controls the bottom end of maggies like very few amps. With most amps I agree with Mcreyn on the sub, but the bottom end of my mmgs with my naim gear is punchy and detailed. But you do want nearly three feet behind the mmgs.
Thanks for the response folks... and, to Scpetscott; thanks for the tip, but no, I do not have budget gear -the gear do I have would be overkill for the speakers in question.. I'm just looking for some speakers other then a box design to work well in a small room.
I got mmgs to work but I'm 5 feet out from the wall. At 3 feet the image is OK but it didn't fully bloom until 5 feet out.

Thanx, Russ