Magnepan MMG or MG12?

I have enough to buy the MMGs now, but I am concerned that I will be left wanting and upgrade soon. Can anyone speak to the performance advantages and disadvantages of the MG12 vs the MMGs? Is it true that you get 90% of the MG12 by buying the MMG? I have the money for the MMGs now, but I will have to save a little longer to get the MG12. I will be driving them with a vintage Yamaha M-65 amp that is stable down to 2 Ohms...I think its rated at about 220 per channel at 4 Ohms. Thanks for your thoughts
Magnepan has a trade-up program. You would have a year to trade up to the MG12 if you aren't satisfied with the MMG. Check the Magnepan site for info on trade up options.

MG12 smokes the MMG, regarding the trade in program its only applicable to the 1.6's and up. Raising the MG12 6 inches with aftermarket stands also increases the performance.
I was in the same boat about 2 years ago. I didn't hear the mmgs but auditioned the mg12. Ended up finding a pair of used mg12s (about a year old) for about $750. I really enjoy these speakers!
Following is from the Magnepan site.

If you want to climb to an even higher level of performance, you can move up to a better model at a Magneplanar dealer in your area for up to a year. Depending on the model you purchase, you can receive up to full credit from Magnepan for your MMGs.
The trade up program is not available for the 12's, you have to go up to the 1.6's. BUT, there is a 60 day(I think) window were you can return them for a full refund.

Buy the MMG's save for a couple of months and then if you want to upgrade just send the MMG's back.
The MMG's deliver a lot of bang for the $$. The MG12's do the same but give you more of everything. I own the MG12's and am still smiling. IMHO the Mg12's are woth the extra $$.
MG1.6 are a bit more money, but probably represent the maximum performance/dollar point of the Maggie line.
Another vote for the MG12s.
Find a pair for sale here on A'gon and jump on them!
I've had the MMGs and recently acquired the 12s. Like Beernut says "more of everything". Get the 12s and save up for Mye stands.
Thanks for the response guys...My "Domicile Commander" has approved the purchase of the MG12s at the retail price. I am wondering (Eldartford's Comment) whether I should get a used pair of 1.6s. Its always something with this hobby...always looking
Aaronr...For Maggies I would stick with new. They are a unique technology and not easily evaluated as to condition. But if you can, listen to MG1.6 along with the 1.2 and then you decide. Whenever I have bought equipment that was not really what I wanted I have become dissatisfied after a few years, and ended up buying again. When I bite the bullet, and buy what I really like I am satisfied for a decade, and in the end it costs less.
I'd look for used 1.6's. Much better all around.