Magnepan MMG inquiry

Can anyone tell me if the Magnepan MMG speakers have had any updates since year 2000? I am looking at a pair on craigslist but they are from 2000 which is over 10 years old now. Don't know if I should buy them or not. Thanks for your help
A new pair is $499.00 so pay accordingly.The low side of the A'gon blue book shows $280.00 but that only takes into account the ones sold here. Be sure to check them out thoroughly before purchase.If the buyer won't let you hear them,run away!!Just my opinion.
Actualy, new MMGs are $599 a pair plus shipping. Available factory direct only.
You are correct Wgallupe.So much for my memory!!!!
The older MMG's had more substantial wood side rails. I'm not sre what year they went to the current thin rails. The danger with older planars is the wires lift off the mylar as the adheisive breaks down from heat/sun/age. The newer models reportedly have better adheisive.
Yeah.10 years is probably OK but 15 or more then glue dries out and then speakers start to buzz.I would repair a friends spare pair of 20 year old MG III's but shipping to Maggie is brutal (understandably).You can find on line how to fix old ones by stripping and re-gluing wires if you like projects.Go listen!