Magnepan MMG for low volume

I am considering the Magnepan MMG. I have to listen on low volume often and have read that they do not perform well at low volume levels. I would be grateful for any input that can be offered. Are they a good choice? Would Vandersteens or traditional cabinet speakers perform better at low volume levels. I primarily listen to jazz, blues and classical. Thanks so much.
I think the MMG might do it for you at the lower levels. It will be hard to find a multi-way box speaker in the MMG's price range that would do better. One possibility would be a "single driver" (no crossover) type like the Omega puts out. I had their Super 3 and it sounded nice a low volumes. Added a sub to fill in the bottom. Amp matching is important to get the best out of either. Good luck.
I've never heard MMGs, but I used to own MG12s and MG1.6s. I have always felt that neither played well at low volumes, and needed to be at least fairly loud (80 db??) to start to sound like all the music was there.
Take it for what it's worth.
There's no question that Maggies, including the MMG, come alive at moderate or high levels. Still, I agree with Onemug that there really isn't very much competition for the MMG at that price level. Particularly if you prefer acoustical music as you do. They really are amazing for the price, and with a few simple modifications, can be elevated to astounding for the price.

It's also worth noting that as someone just pointed out on another group you can play dipoles louder than other speakers without disturbing the neighbors, which kind of makes up for their reticence at low levels.

My suggestion would be that you take Magnepan up on their money-back offer -- if they don't work for you you can send them back.
I own Magnepan 3.6s and agree they CAN be played at an apparently louder sound level and not bother others in the next room/apt.
With most speakers the bass is what travels through the walls the most, but with dipoles the bass around the speakers tends to self cancel.. and is really actually less bass radiating into the walls.
I notice the bass at the listening position sounds normal, but near the walls seems very weak. So a bonus if you have to listen at low levels as I do to not disturb others nearby. you can actually have it louder than non-dipoles for the same next door quiet level.
I too read all the stuff about Maggies having to be run hard to sound good. I think that is a myth except for bass fanatics. If you listen to Heavy metal on a Maggie at low volumes and expect your innards to get the bass massage some speakers offer... you are out of luck. But is you want a realistic acoustic musical sound at low levels... Maggies are just as good as they get.
I play mine at 60 to 75dB Radio Shack "C" weighted meter at listening position. The manager has said he has never heard my stereo even right outside my door.. and I do play it all the waking hours every day.
In a VERY quiet space Maggies have plenty of detail at low levels. And I mean pin-drop quiet. So quiet that with the front door open, a cricket in the hedge outside is pretty loud.
Not as much bass, perhaps, as you'd like, but don't forget the ear gets less and less sensitive to bass as levels drop.