Magnepan MMG........amazing

After two months of break in I finally reached a stage where I can state this is BEST sub $600 speakers on the market,the transients,purity,the detailing is incredible.Of course bass lovers should avoid this speaker,but those want a small essemble speaker(jazz,vocals,strings,etc,etc)this is the one.Room placement is critical and so is toe in,its a very honest speaker so bad recordings will of course sound bad,likes high current amps.Im currenlty running a Aleph 05,which is the only solid state amp I can live with,and the combination is so coherent this could be my reference sytem for years.All the "hype" you here about these speakers are true...highly recommended...
Bmwhaus- I concur, but would add that the MMG's compete with and surpass speakers that cost an awful lot more in some area's. I am not super famaliar with driver layout of the MMG's but if they have an internal crossover you could gain a TON of performance by upgrading them- just food for thought. BTW how did those adapters work for you?
(smile)...ok,you are running a good amp. You'll like 'em more in a month than you do now.
Where can you get the spikes stands for these speakers?..I dont like the fact the whole rear brace is sitting on the hardwood floor,rather have it spiked or isolated from the floor....
Try here, these are the best comercially available stands available for magnepan's
Tireguy Im going to tap a few holes into the existing brace and use spikes,Im damn cheap and proud of it..:> thanks for the thread.......
I have them. Great sound. Luv it. Wonderful for vocals and jazz. Yeah for the price. TREMENDOUS. I would like to get 1.7i or 3.7i. You need alot of power and current to get the best sound IMHO.
Stand them up (a few inexpensive way to do it), and bypass the fuse ( easy surgery).....,.you will double the effect you are feeling now.
too bad those speakers are for just one listener.

An AV reviewer in a blind listening test that was in the Magnepan room at a Hi-Fi show said ' it is the best sound he had heard at the show so far', he was listening to a pair of MMG's and two Magnepan DWM panels which cost a mere $2375......
IMO, MMGs and the low end Rega RB tone arm variations are probably the great values in high end (a hobby not necessarily known for great values).  
I restored an older pair of MMG’s last summer, and after considerable experimentation with placement and speaker cables in my relatively small listening room, I’m astonished at how good they are. I’m using a couple of muscular mono tube amps and the Maggie’s have surprisingly good and solid bass- down to about 55hz. Powered by a decent solid state NAD amp bass is a bit "punchier" but overall sound is not as sweet.

I think the MMGs are absolutely THEEEE greatest value in our hobby, at least when it comes to speakers. The only room treatment, thus far, is tube traps in the front wall corners. I think the next experiment will be some diffusion panels. The floor is carpeted and I’m using the factory feet. I’ve tried stands which raise the speakers straight up from the floor and the verdict is out on whether the sound is "better" or simply different.

I'd love to audition the .7's in my room with my gear, but for now- I'm more than happy.