Magnepan MMG, 2015

I have owned both mmg and mg12 in the past.  I walked by a newer version of the mmgs at a dealer, and did not recognized them at first - the built seemed identical to the mg12s....
Have they improved sonically from the older version? Does anyone know?
I may get myself a pair now that i have a sub....
Are you sure they were the MMGs and not the new .7s?  The .7s replaced the MG-12s.
they now make the MMG and the Super MMG. The Super is a three piece, but the main panels are also different
I am sure... The dealer confirmed that they were mmgs, and the mmg pictures on confirm as well that there's been at the very least a trim change, if not the entire frame... Wonder if they have been improved, not just cosmetically but sonically.
according to the Audiogon bluebook, the MMG came out in 1997. I would think there have been significant changes...
The frames have changed a little bit.  My gf got hooked on my home system and we bought her a pair of mmg;s last year.  Pushing them with an old nakamichi stasis amp i had collecting dust and an oppo player and its pretty amazing sound for not too many dollars.   We liked the 1.7s and 3.7s but did not really like the .7's .  tried 3 stores with several amps in each room and preferred the mmg's to the .7's .
Thx for the comment... I remember when i returned the mmg to receive the mg12s, the frame was made of harder mdf.  Can't wait to save enough to place an order for the mmgs again... That would be the third time for me!