Magnepan MMG

Are these speakers set up stock for bananna plug connectors?,if so where can I buy the Spade adaptor for them.Did owner of these speakers use the attentutor resister much to tone done the treble?.

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Magneplanar speakers accept bananna plugs, but they have a little set screw which clamps the bananna plug in place. Actually, the best way to make the connection is to put the bare speaker wire (with no termination) into the speaker terminal, and clamp down on it.

Most speaker systems, in the crossover, have a resistor in series with the tweeter, so as to reduce its output as necessary to match the woofer. The Magneplanar crossover does not have any such resistor, but you have the option to use one if you like. Magnepan states that their speaker frequency response is flat without the resistor, but that many recordings are made with boosted highs so as to compensate for the typical speaker which has rolled-off highs. Such recordings may sound better if the Magneplanar response is similarly rolled off. They supply a 1-ohm resistor which, for the 4 ohm tweeter, amounts to 2 dB.

I use the resistor.
If you have not spent much time with those horrible little binding posts yet, be prepared to- what a pain! Eldartford was exactly right with what works best with them. Magnepan(along with many other companies) do make adapters for spades to be used, I ordered a pair of the "gold" adapters for my 3.6's they seemed ok, but still a pretty poor attempt at using spades. I was planning on putting good quality binding posts on the back of them- but with the 3.6 that would have been very expensive! I ended up rewiring the speaker internally and having leads come out of the speaker which then go to a completely isolated external crossover- the leads have spades on the end of them. That made the most sense to me- now I have fewer splices in the signal, the leads are all soldered directly to the drivers.

I still have that pair of magnepan "gold spade adapters if your interested email me, I have no further use for them :)