Magnepan MG20 tweaks ?


I have MG-20's in my system and would like to improve the sound.
I power them with a pair of Pass Labs X600 and I'm very happy of the sound!

I have questions for Maggie owners :
-What are the best way to improve the passive x-over (to replace caps, inductor... internal wire?).
-What type of cables are you recommanding from the MG X-over and the speakers ? (cardas seems to be very appreciate).
I'm leaving in Europe so please give me the links to see the products in Internet.
All the Best. Laurent
Lolo78...I very strongly advise that you try many cables and find THE cable you like the best. I had Cardas in my system and it was terrible..just ruined the sound. Consider the quest fun (I know it's work) but do try lots of brands because they all have their special sound.
Best Magnepan tweak in one word :


fwiw I had a similar experience with Cardas and my 1.6 Maggies, terrible...
In my 3.6 I use Nirvana SX, both jumpers and the cables inside the 3.6. I also change the capacitors and coils with Intertechnik Plus. The sound is heaven! The fuses are cleaned, terrific!
TRi amp them actively - that's the only way to realize other 60% potential untapped.
Stringreen :
I'm currently use Synergistic Research cables and love the sound. I use the Designers Ref X from the Pass to the MG.
I will carefully continue my tests ...
Busheep : I Dislike the Apogee sound. Sorry :)
Thanks, Were did you find the capacitors and coils?
After reading this I am interested in the Apogee's. What are their newest models, and can I get an audition of them in Houston, Chicago, or New York?
There are several brands of capacitors. I would not say that Intertechnik Plus is the best, but they are easy to get and the sound iis marvellous too. Also the coils have different name, I choose the aircore inductors. Again they sounds like heaven! see
A friend of mine has his MG 20.1 modified with Intertechnik Plus. Heaven!
Please bear in mind I wrote Intertechnik Plus, the better Intertechnik, not ordinary Intertechnik.
Do you want to have the "best" MG 20 than choose the electronic crossovers from FM Acoustics, specially made. They cost a lot!
I would recommend bypassing the Magnepan crossover and using the Bryston 10b Sub active crossover--much cleaner than the standard Magnepan crossovers (although the MG20 one may be better--I don't know). I use it with MG3.6r's and Pass Labs amps and it sounds great.
You will find everything necessary for passive upgrades here: ( Michael will also match that parts to 1% tolerance for you. If you were to bi-amp the panels: I'd recommend a slightly modded Dahlquist DQ-LP1 as the active hi/lo pass filter. They are getting rare, but well worth seeking out. There's a good description(on page 13) of the unit here: ( ) Do you own the 20R or 20.1? I can send schematics if you don't already have them.
Hi Batalok. Thanks a lot, I started to check the but they is nothing on Internet (nothing too with Google). But I found a French seller. I will ask him.
For the cross-X, I think that FM Acoustic will make the best job but cost a maxx!
I'm seriously thinking about Pass Labs CrossOver in the futur.
Hi Jaydial, Bypassing the Magnepan crossover is the best solution but I need to invest a lot for this (and for new amplifiers) and my priority is for the house currently... The Magnepan crossover amelioration is a way to wait.
From worst to best, here is the list from my listening experience and friends advises:
-1. Magnepan
-2. Marchand XM26
-3. Bryston 10b
-4. Pass Labs XVR1
Hi Rodman, I just start to have a look on the Percyaudio catalog. Whaouh what a large list! It seems that I am a little lost in there... I have a 20R pair. Yes, I would be nice if you can send me schematics of them. It will help me a lot.
Mr L- You have e-mail!
wrong addres, sorry, it's
By pass the fuse over the tweeter if you have never had problems blowing them in the past.

Upgrade the xover Caps with some nice Mundorf silver in oil or gold in oil if you can afford them. Then upgrade the inductors. Try Alpha core copper foil types. Clean all contacts. Deoxit is great. That will make you very happy I am sure...

Good luck
Hi Batalok, Thanks for the right address. Thanks!
Hi Chadeffect, Nice system you have! Apogee+DCS = :))
Cleaning the contact is the first to do, for sure. I will check your advises and see the caps with the Rodman selection.
Well guys, thanks a lot for all your recommandations.
I'm planning a reading time in all the lists of caps, coils... and will ask to the sellers their best ideas. I'm planning to command at the end of August and start to made the changes in September (overseas shipping delays).
Thanks Lolo78. I worked pretty hard on my system and it lead there!

Magnepans as with most planar speakers hate lots of connections in the signal path. So if you can try to wire things as direct as is possible.

For instance on your external xover you have an input on binding posts then through the xover to the outputs which are on binding posts, then to speaker inputs on binding posts on the back of the speaker then solder points for the fuse etc. They all add up adding haze and gunk.

Magnepan also use fairly cheap posts and tend to have many unnecessary solder points. See how brave you feel and bypass with nice wire if you can.

I had a pair of MG3.6Rs and did all the above including remaking an external xover with nice parts in a bigger box. It became a whole new speaker with lots more resolution and much more refined in every area. It didnt cost too much and the rewards were well worth the trouble. I loved them.

Where possible hard wire bypassing connectors/solder points. If you remove some of these contact points you will find a drop in noise which will bring more naturalness, detail and dynamics. The bass texture and tuning will blow your mind! An extremely capable speaker.

Try above link, and HAPPY READING.
Many people have successfully tweaked there panels.
My 1.6's are in line for an x-over upgrade and some home built stands.