Magnepan MG1.7 fuse question

I have placed an order for a pair of 1.7s. I want to upgrade the fuses but I don't know what spec is shown on the back place for the fuse. One person thought the spec was for a 4amp but I thought that seemed high. Could someone please let me know what the amp size it is. I assume it's a fast blow. Any help would be appreciated.
And you're doing this because Magnepan doesn't know what they're doing when they spec the fuses for their speakers? Spend your money on better source matl., it will pay off much more handsomely...

5560, I found upgrading fuses on my 3.7's from stock to Audio Magic LA fuses was well worth it. I can't tell you what amperage the 1.7 uses. I would wait until you get the speakers at which point you will be able to tell what amperage to replace them with. They will be fast blo fuses. I also found getting rid of those nasty stock jumpers to be very worthwile. Both of these tweeks resulted in an immediately noticable reduction in grain.
I stuck four aftermarket fuses in my new Magnepan 3.6s I got two years ago.
They are the only aftermarket fuses i would bother with, since they are in the signal.
I am dreaming of going to 20.7 or i would just remove the fuse on the midrange panel of my 3.6s.
I agree just wait until you have the speakers..
Then by the time you get the aftermaarket fuses, the new 1.7s will be broken in better..
My 3.6s took half a year to really break in.
This is from the 1.7 manual:

The terminal plate states a maximum fuse value of 4 amps Type 3AG ("normal" or "fast blow"). The bass section
does not require fusing protection. This fuse value should never be increased or bypassed. Do not use slow-blow
HiFi Tuning Supreme 4 Amp Type 3AG.
Empirical Design Jumpers.
I remember that burned tweeters not covered and You make a good point to install the correct fuses.
I've heard first hand how the HiFi Tuning Fuse improve the Magnepans, the best improvement one can make to the speakers for the least dollars. Its good to have the correct fuse value now, thanks.
Empirical Design Jumpers are new to me, really interesting, I'll have research this.
I remember that burned tweeters not covered and You make a good point to install the correct fuses.
If you don't playback at very loud volumes that drive your amp to clipping you do not need any fuse at all!

I suggest brass or copper tubing cut to length in place of a fuse.

Fuses only degrade the sound IMO.
Don_c55 - one should NEVER tell someone to bypass the fuses on these speakers without knowing the full story. The tweeter(s) will fry anytime that the amplifier clips and not knowing the amp being used or the listening levels, the best though on this should be"run your speakers and amplifier for 6 months and if the fuse never blows, you MIGHT consider by-passing it for even greater performance gains."
Just added 4 jumpers from Karl at Empirical Design to my 3.7's. Have listened about 10 hours worth. I'm hearing a little more pronounced midrange and a bit smoother highend. Nothing earth shattering but definitely a change. He also mentioned that if I was interested in another tweak that I should look into the Supreme HiFi fuses.
The back of the panel is a 3AG Fuse 4amp. One recommendation I can suggest to you is the Furutech TF-4A (32mm), would be a great upgrade from that. We sell them if you are interested.
@Jwpstayman If you are driving the amp into clipping, you are an idiot, and certainly not an audiophile!