Magnepan MG1.6

Would anyone know if the original MG1.6, launched in the late-1990s, has gone through any upgrade or re-working? I have a chance to buy a demo pair, the distributor said they're from late 2007 and claims upgrades have been made along the way.
I'm not in the States, it's expensive to call Magnepan, who don't email. So wondering if any users can enlighten me?
If they are from 2007, they should be current.
Yes, I would assume they are current, what I'm asking if they would sound any different from a 1.6 from the year 2000-2001? tks
no, there is one version if it is the most current off the assembly line or the first, they are the same
Anyway, I got the pair home, and I'm smiling ... what's the popular cable that suits the 1.6? Currently running the panels in with a pair of Paul Speltz Anti-Cable ...
The Speltz are great cables for the maggies, I have also had good experience with Kimber. One real consideration is that the best cables for maggies are going to be solid core and NOT stranded cables, just science. I have also heard good things about the Mapleshade another solid core cable. Honestly sticking with the Speltz cables is going to serve the 1.6's well.
Hi, tks for the advice ... yeah, the Speltz, my resident el cheapo cables, seem to be working well so far, even though the amp I'm using right now isn't the best to drive the Maggies with - an Usher pre-power based on the Threshold design from the late 80s. I do have a Krell FPB 200 I'm waiting to put into the equation ...

I was toying with the idea of getting the Kimber Kable 8TC, although I think they're stranded ..
I had not heard that about the solid cables, what is the science behind the synergy? I have been using Kimber, Analysis Plus and now Zu Libec with my Maggies, but I would definitely try the Anti-Cables if they are better.

Someone from Mapleshade says their solid-core cables have gone down well with a significant number of Maggie users ...