Magnepan MG III

I am looking at buying a pair of Maggies and I can get a good deal on a pair of MG III. I was told that they are 8 Ohm speakers is this correct. What is different on the IIIa and what is a good price for the MG III. Actually ant comments on the MG III would be appreciated.
Hello. The MGIII are the older model, they are 6 Ohm speaker
However if you buy one today, you most likely will have to
replace the ribbons, which is expensive. They sound very good with the right Amp(200W/ch and up) and good Ribbons.
Good luck.
I have a pair of MG111a's which I might sell--they have been modified so that the crossover box attaches directly to the speaker, which is a significant sound improvement. Panels and tweeters perfect--used almost exclusively for classical. If you had to replace the ribbons, (which you don't, it is cheap and easy. I am the original owner and still think they are one of the best performers for the price out there--run them on a Levinson 331 (125wpc). Would probably look for around $7-800.
I had IIIa's for almost ten years and still think they are great. Also, an excellent value even at their new price. Believe it or not I got the best sound out of them with a pair of 15 watt push pull tube amps.Better than with the mighty 300 watt Adcom 565 mono's! To release their full magic you really need to have them 5 or more feet from the wall, but the distance from the sides is not too critical. I sold mine to regain the living room. I would not buy a used pair because all Maggies suffer from the same design flaw: the voice coil will delaminate from the mylar panel and Magnepan will not do a thing for you if they are out of warranty. My tweeters never gave me any problems, but I was careful not to expose them to moving air like from open windows, etc.