Magnepan MG 2, worth it to rebuild? How to?

A friend has some old MG 2's that were her late husbands'. She wants $300.00 for them. Is it worth it?
I called Magnepan and spoke w/ them. they don't refurb. this model anymore. Said they were worth $50.00. These came out in '78'. ANY chance of resurrecting these, Has anyone done it? Refer to forum for my initial inquiry,
I know you wrote about this before, but I still must ask, have you hooked them up and listened to them? 1st you need to determine if you have a problem. If they are rattling and such, and you don't have any experience with them, they probably are worth only 50, but I can also tell you I just sold a working very well pair for 500. I have a hard time believing anyone at Magnepan said they are only worth 50 dollars unless you told them something you are not telling us.
Thanks for your interest. I do need to give a listen, and I am going to pick them up early tomorrow to listen to them in situ for a few days. I will be delighted if they sound good, believe me. Yes, I was told they were worth $50.00... IF they had de-laminated, or if there is corrosion on the wires on the surface of the diaphragm, as Mag does not re-furb this model anymore(MG 2, 1978, the oldest of the MG2 series).There was an improved model of the 2 , as well as 2-A, 2-B, C etc. I hope the pair you dealt was the same series.. miracles can happen. I appreciate your advice.
if it's pure ribbon forget about them