Magnepan MG 12 v NHT VT 2.4

I am thinking of replacing my nht vt 2.4's with the maggie mg 12's. The nht's are(were) more expensive. Am I downgrading my speakers with this change?

I have a home theater set up with a REL strata III sub, but I listen to more music. Any opinions?
Hang onto your sub if you are going with the MG12s. And get an active x-o.

No your not downgrading,price doesn't always mean more or less in sound quality.What kind of amplifier are you going to run with the Maggies? As Jimbo suggests keep the sub and make sure you have the right amp for those maggies.With the right amp you will know within 2 minutes after firing those Maggies up that you haven't downgraded.

Good Luck!
I acquired a pair of MG 12's recently and am very happy with them. Just a few things to keep in mind...

1) make sure your amp is up to driving the maggies,

2) placement is a bitch. Moving the speakers half an inch will affect the sound. It took me about 2 months to set them up properly.

3) the speakers are not forgiving. Poorly recorded cd's sound horrible. Conversely good ones are awesome.

4) Replace the tweeter jumper. I made a jumper using Kimber 8TC cables and banana plugs. I think Cardas makes jumpers also.

Good Luck.
Thanks for your responses. I currently have an ADA PTM 6150.
When(and if) I get the MG12's I'll know if the amp is sufficient.