Magnepan MG 10 QR

I can buy a pair for $700. I can`t find much information on them anywhere.
I`m on the list for a HSU VTF-3HO so the need for a sub is a non issue.
Can anybody offer an opinion on these?
Sweet sound but an extremely narrow "sweet spot".
Extremely inefficient. 100 watts min, I'd get more like 225.
Bass wasn't an issue with me unless you like thumping.
They sound best 3-5 feet from any walls. If you need to put them closer to a wall, just make sure a bookshelf full of books or a thick tapestry or behind them.
$700 sounds steep?
Finally, if the sellor doesn't have the original boxes, magnepan will sell you a pair for about $100 (if I recall). They don't weigh much but are delicate.
I have a PS Audio HCA-2 amp so that should be ok, right?
So $700 is too much ?
Do you think I`d be better off moving on to a set of MG 12`s instead?
Sorry to be slow.
The 12's are a big difference.
However, you will always have a narrow "sweet spot" with maggies (except Tympanies).
The PS Audio will drive them alright.
You can never have enough wattage with Maggies. I did run my 10.1's with a 17 watt triode tube amp. Sounded great but wow did it strain the amp.
Finally, check around for prices. $700 seems high to me. Keep in mind that shipping won't be cheap either.