Magnepan MC1 & MC3 on-wall speakers

Actually, Riley posted this thread in the HT category. I have similar concern and thought I should posted it up here due to the lack of response in the HT catergory.

"I'm fairly happy w/ my setup, which is 5.2 and all speakers are on the wall. However, I am always on the look for improvement. Thus, I am quite curious about such setup regarding the MC1 & MC3 hang on the wall. I listen to concert DVDs and HT prettery loud. Can the MG handle such loudness given the amp is not an issue? If such is the case, what is the setting for speaker size (large or small) on most pre/pro? If I were to set to loud, could I blow the ribbon, or would the ribbon just rattle? I guess that I want to know how far I can push the MG to the limit. What is the recommended crossover for these babies. I know there is a 30-day trial period, but I'm not ready to go down that route yet. Sorry Riley for sort of stealing your post, but these info maby helpful to us both. Any advised on these MG is greatly appreciated."

You didnt steal my tread, so no need to apologize. We both happen to ask this question about the same time.

While I dont know much about these speakers ( as a friend is the one getting them , and I am just helping him out on this ), I have read that they do like a good amount of power fed to them. How much ? That I honestly dont know, but maybe a phone call or email to Magnepan might help.

Have you looked over at Audio Asylum as well ?

Good luck.
Do they really have a ribbon tweeter? My guess is they have the QR driver instead. If they do not have the ribbon tweeter you could probably give them all the (clean) juice you have. I had some 1.6s and they played extremely loud with 1000 watts of power, the QR driver is very rugged in my experience.
As I responded in Riley's thread, I really like my MC-1's and feel they are worth every penny of the $750 I paid for them new. One of the better resources I found to learn about Maggies, in general, is 'MUG', Magnepan Users Group at ''. Search the message boards for MC-1. Also the Magnepan web site is helpful. I have a houseful of in-wall speakers driven by a house system which takes a line feed from my main system. The wall mounted MC-1's are in a different league IMHO, and are the best wall mounted speakers I've ever heard and their look on the wall is stunning. They have a similar sound to their bigger Maggie brothern which I've listen to many times and love.

As far as amps, my Audio Research 100.2 puts out 200 watts into the 4 ohm load. Audio Research and Maggies seem to be a 'tried and true' match and my combination will play plenty loud for me. I am also impressed at how full the sound is at low volume levels. Don't know about lower power amps, but if you want loud I would stick with a high quality, high current amp just like the bigger Maggies need. I did, for fun, hook up an old 50w Linn LK1 and it sounded terrible with the MC-1s.

One more thing, they only entend down to 80 hz I think. So somehow you have to plan for a sub-woofer. My Vandersteen 2wq blends in quite well.

Can only give you impressions of the MC1 since I don't have a HT or center channel, but feel that, with high quality amplication, the MC1's, CC-3 center, and maybe MMG-W rears with a Vandersteen sub would sound great for both HT and 2 channel stereo. Hmmm, maybe I should get into HT?
Curious, I am also considering Mag On-walls for my home theater. Any thoughts on how they would sound with the Rotel RSX-1065 surround receiver I own ? my room is 16' x 16' is dedicated to audio (large speakers 1/3 of the way into the room). The surround system will be independent of my dedicated audio system.

Any alternatives ?