Magnepan MC1 along with Earthquake Cinenova

A friend of mine is thinking of doing a 7.1 HT setup and while I dont know enough about HT, I am looking for input from other AudioGon members that might be able to help.

Here is the list of things that my friend is looking at :

Magnepan MC1 Speakers ( front and rear ) and the reason for choosing these speakers is that they can be hung on a wall.

Magnepan CC3 as the center speaker

Preamp : Outlaw Audio 990 Preamp/ Processor

Amp : Earthquake Cinenova Grande 7

Sub: undecided on which one at this time. Suggestions ?

Budget for this HT project is $8k-9k.

Any suggestions are gladly welcomed. This is pretty much a first and last time deal for him.

Regards to all,

D'ont know that much about HT but I do own a pair of MC-1's. I had a special application where I needed to go with 2-channel wall mounts. I highly recommend them and am very happy with the open, airy Magnepan sound, even these modest ones and, even mounted on the wall. In fact, they seem to need the wall coupling. They also need a subwoofer, since they have limited low frequency extension, and like all Magnepans, seem to like higher powered amps. I'm using an Audio Research 100.2 amp and a Vandersteen sub woofer. Everyone that's been over and seen them are struck by the sound and the thin 'architectural' wall mount look. Listen to a pair at a dealer if possible, they are surprisingly good for $750/pair. Don't know about Outlaw, but I did hear a pair of MC-1's with an Arcam HT receiver and it sounded like a good match.
Riley -
While I can not speak to the value/sound of the speakers, the amp if a pretty darned good choice for a 'last' amp.
The Earthquake amplifiers not only do HT well, but excel in 2-channel. They have been given great write ups about the performance and sound, but still folks do not give them a chance in the 'high' end.

They deserve all of the recognition and then some over other manufacturers multi-channel amps from the likes of Rotel, Lexicon, Proceed (now defunct), EAD, and Theta.
The real truth here is the Theta is the only mentioned above that compete with the EQ imo.

Not to mention, they have a VERY generous, almost Bryston like warranty of 10 years. Their gear is bullet-proof, reliable and an extraordinary value.

Oh, and the company is a family owned/run company. You can spend alot more and get alot less very easily.
I'm fairly happy w/ my setup, which is 5.2 and all speakers are on the wall. However, I am always on the look for improvement. Thus, I am quite curious about such setup regarding the MC1 & MC3 hang on the wall. I listen to concert DVDs and HT prettery loud. Can the MG handle such loudness given the amp is not an issue? If such is the case, what is the setting for speaker size (large or small) on most pre/pro? If I were to set to loud, could I blow the ribbon, or would the ribbon just rattle? I guess that I want to know how far I can push the MG to the limit. What is the recommended crossover for these babies. I know there is a 30-day trial period, but I'm not ready to go down that route yet. Sorry Riley for sort of stealing your post, but these info maby helpful to us both. Any advised on these MG is greatly appreciated.