Magnepan & Manley

Anyone run their Maggies with tube gear? How about Manley Labs amps, like the Snapper or the 250? Or is this just underpowering them entirely?
I was looking at the Magnepan 3.6R speakers.

This is mainly as the room is odd: a basement shaped like a capital letter "T", with the listening setup in the top left "arm". Dimensions are 13' x 35' x 7.75', with the speakers to fire across the long part of the room.

As for the driving gear, I was leaning toward Wyred4Sound for inexpensive and refined power. That said, I have a soft spot for tube gear, and Manley is just cool. ;-)
Back to Manley. Still wondering if the Snappers will work great or if I'll need to go for the 250s. I don't blast the speakers, pretty much ever, but I do want something un-sterile.

I have a dealer recommending a Wyred pre (STP SE) and the "baby" Modwright amp, which puts out 200wpc into 4ohms.

Torn ...

The price on that combo is just north of 5k or so, but the Manleys are ... well ... more. Don't want to buy more and get less though ....
I have had some form of Magnepans in my home for over thirty years. I have run them with everything from 500 watts to 60 watts. I have had CJ, Bat, Cary{both tube and soldi-stae}, Mark Levinson, etc., etc. I play mainly classical music, jazz, and broadway shows. I like Maggies better with tubes and, for what I listen to, I don't need alot of power. Some of the less powerful amps have sounded best, actually. I now have the 3.5's. I tried the Manley snappers and they worked well for me. You should try them. I would bet the 250's would give you more oomph, but the snappers could work fine for you denpending on your listening needs.