Magnepan LRS

First time posting here. Two questions- 

1. Looking for comments/thoughts on LRS. 
2. Can these speakers be driven with a Carver M1.0t

I know this is a vintage amp, so not certain if I should have posted this here or in the vintage forum. FWIW - I picked this amp up a few years ago at a garage sale for $15.......obviously a real bargain......thanks. Ron. 
+1 for the Crown XLS 1502! $399 new and 500+ wpc/4ohms! Now if it only had an extra zero in its price ...

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I would PM Audioconnection.
John Rutan sells the Maggies, and would know if your dynaco is up to snuff.
And, don't worry about contacting a dealer. Johnny is the real deal and won't try to sell you something. He gives great advice- for free.
Just search for him on the Audiogon forums.- You'll see...
I see the amp is rated to double it's power at 4 ohms which is usually what you want with Maggie's I'd give it a try.
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run the Carver first