Magnepan LRS- what amp should i consider? (sub $2,000)

Howdy!   Help !
I'm not very current on high end equipment these days- I bought my Vandersteen 2CE's about 20 years ago, and haven't been tracking the market since.   

But, since I'm going to "test drive" a pair Magnepan's LRS soon - I need to lasso a more powerful and detailed amp (my Adcom 50 wpc thang is not gonna cut it).  I could go new or used. I listen to a lot of Jazz and G  Dead, and often play things loud.  The room is 11 x 21, and has some useful sound absorbing panels behind the listening "station".

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on a suitable power amp or integrated amp - at a somewhat reasonable price. And- given the rest of my qwipment (noted below) should I invest in some cables & interconnects too?

My (fairly humble, but exciting) system:
Harmon Kardon T60 TT w/a Audio Technica VM 540 ML stylus-  running thru a Nakamichi 610 preamp.  I'm streaming my >8,000 song iTunes library from an Apple TV box into a Cambridge Audio DAC 100. Also have a HSU sub hooked in too. I don't own any fancy cables or interconnects.


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@jasonbourne52.  Thanks for the suggestion- It's a really refreshing and reasonable option for powering a 4 ohm speaker.

Thanks for the suggestion- I'll review their blurbs.
Have you had a bad experience with the Crown power amp(s)?

@johnto-  Thanks for the tip/recommendation on the Parasound Hint Halo. That sounds like a solid option (at the upper end of what I can afford). I like the way that Parasound has integrated  subwoofer connections and level adjustments- seems very sensible and useful in my current setup.
Thanks to all of you folks for the cautions, comments, recommendations and support. You've offered very useful stuff to ponder and research.  It's much appreciated.
THANKS to all of you for your thoughts and targeted steering. I've had a good time researching all of the leads mentioned here. Crown amps have prompted the most comments, and are the (controversial!) value choice!  In a middle price range, the Bryston and Oddessy offerings make a lot of sense-  and look to be a good match for the quirky Magnepan load. If I decide to splurge, the Parasound Hint Halo or a Hegel integrated look really attractive too . . . 
Today, I'm leaning towards the Odessey Stratos (150wpc at 8 ohms): Love the reviews, the 20 year warranty, the long term manufacturing experience on their product line, and their focus on made in USA. At $1,400, it leaves room for some decent cables.


@skiguy. Thanks for the very detailed rundown on your LRS setup and qwipment. Sounds like you’ve been finessing that room big time!  I appreciate that you’ve shared such a lot of your experience with the Maggie’s- very interesting and helpful!