Magnepan LRS Support Group?!

I ordered a pair of LRS a couple weeks ago. Backorder time is 6 months! I don't know if anybody else is feeling the uncomfortable longing after ordering theirs? How are you passing the time? I'm kidding (I guess), but I've never had to wait 6 months for a new toy! Let me know if you're also re-reading the reviews that made you take the plunge and planning your listening space alterations. Maybe some of you who have gotten a pair recently can keep us sane by sharing your experience with what we are waiting patiently for. Thanks!


@glennewdick thanks for that info. They raised the price $100 from what they were (my order was $750), so I guess they're getting something extra. I also heard that the factory is experiencing the same challenge as a lot of places hiring staff to meet the demand. Did you order them with a year wait? I feel for you!


@b_limo thanks for the recommendation and for your comment about liking the LRS. I think the size and price of the LRS is best for my current purposes, but we'll see if I trade up down the road.

I have a pair.  I bought just to see what all the hype is about.  I am totally amazed by these speakers.  They don't do it all for me but wow what they do well is incredible.  I keep a solid state amp in my rack (Pass 30.8) and pull out the LRS since they are so easy to move and play them for a few days when I want a different flavor.  These are such a bargain for the sound you get.  



Unlike amplifiers speakers cannot hide their faults from measurements.

You can't measure a dipole loudspeaker in the near field and get worthwhile results. You also can't listen to a Magnepan placed one foot from the front wall and surrounded by other gear. Magnepans lead the industry in each of their respective price ranges including the very top end of audio loudspeakers. Measurements are fine when they are measuring things that can be accurately measured, dipoles are not one of those things. Get out and go listen to a 3.7 or a 20 and you'll see what we are talking about.  

Thanks @jasonbourne52 for the advice. In the stereophile review measurements, John Atkinson echoed what @russ69 says above: "Interpreting the measured performance of a panel loudspeaker such as the Magnepan LRS is far from straightforward. Overall, however, the LRS appears to be capable of well-balanced sound,..." I have other speakers and have always wanted to try Magnepans. Fingers crossed.