Magnepan LRS

First time posting here. Two questions- 

1. Looking for comments/thoughts on LRS. 
2. Can these speakers be driven with a Carver M1.0t

I know this is a vintage amp, so not certain if I should have posted this here or in the vintage forum. FWIW - I picked this amp up a few years ago at a garage sale for $15.......obviously a real bargain......thanks. Ron. 
LRS are mini maggies but they need real, adult amplification that can deliver substantial current into low impedance

leaving aside power needs, LRS will also reveal any poor quality in the signal being fed to it

iirc carver m1.0t has issues with thermal overload

not a good pairing i would say

LRS and speakers like it are interesting... 600-700 bucks for the speakers, but you need a couple grand of serious amplification to do it justice
Then I guess that my dynaco stereo 70 would even be worse.........ughhhh. Thanks for the feedback. 
Fantastic speaker for the $.
Just as important as the amplifier is the room you put them in.

You might want to consider the Crown XLS 1502 amp.
The Crown will drive the LRS speakers without breaking the bank.
The dimensions of the LRS maybe smaller compared to other Magnepans but I certainly wouldn’t call them ‘mini’.

Big open sound you only get from panel speakers. So I say if you have the room and are curious you can make it work.

+1 for the Crown XLS 1502! $399 new and 500+ wpc/4ohms! Now if it only had an extra zero in its price ...

 " 'mini' is but a state of mind "

-- verne troyer

I would PM Audioconnection.
John Rutan sells the Maggies, and would know if your dynaco is up to snuff.
And, don't worry about contacting a dealer. Johnny is the real deal and won't try to sell you something. He gives great advice- for free.
Just search for him on the Audiogon forums.- You'll see...
I see the amp is rated to double it's power at 4 ohms which is usually what you want with Maggie's I'd give it a try.
Yoda said something profound about......trying.... and DOING....

run the Carver first
Thanks all. Especially appreciate the advice on the Crown amp. Will head over to Magnolia this week and audition some speakers.  Will also give consider the Maggie’s. For $650 I don’t know if I can go wrong. I’m real old school.  Don’t laugh, but have been using a pair of home built speakers for many years - transmission lines (4” radio shack driver mounted in a pvc pipe........when did radio shack go out of business??.....). Finally time to try something else. Actually, recently heard some KEF Q350’s and realized that I’m missing a lot. So I think I’m on a mission.........