Magnepan IIa AMP recommendations

I just bought these, and I must admit I am not a ribbon expert at all. They say 6 ohms on them. I hooked them up to an Onkyo TX-890 (125 WPC IIRC) and they sounded 'dull'.

What do I need to drive these properly ?

Would a Mac MC2105 do it ?

Do they need a specifically marked/made 6ohm output (as the 2105 has) ?

How about an Onyko M-504 (150WPC) ?

One of them had the fuse out when I tested them b4 buying, but it seemed to work (a little I guess with my 35WPC receiver)...why is that ?
Did you install new tweeter fuses?
Yes. Is that what the fuses are for, tweets only ?
I'm going back upstairs but I suspect thew tweets are dead for some reason. Will pull the fuse and see what happens.
The reason they sounded so dull is that the tweets are dead. I originally thought it may have been the 30WPC 'test' amp I brought with me to test them b4 buying...sorry for the's not the amp at all.
That is unfortunate. Maggies usually sound pretty good with just about any amplifier or receiver. What now? Will you have them repaired?
Yes, I'm going to repair them, just not sure if it'll be in June or July. I hope it's only a broken wire as I've read about.
FYI, I have 1 of them apart and I'll need to rewire the tweets...someday :)