Magnepan-how much push/pull tube power needed

Will my 40 wpc el34 push/pull tube amp drive a pair of maggies? if not, how would bi-amping sound with the el34 for top end and solid state for bottom end, and also probably adding a sub to the mix. what is the best way to do this? i'd like to keep my el34 tube sound with the maggies. thanks for the help.......
I once sold a Bryston 14B SST to a gentleman who intended to use it to bi-amp Maggies. You might do a search of Member's Systems for Maggie owners and ask them directly.
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Cooch not satisfied with the answers over at your other post regarding the same? Cooch you're doing the Maggie trip ass backwards. You're up to biamping and a sub and you haven't even heard them in your crib yet. If you're bent on a pair of Maggies, decide on which Maggies you can afford comfortably, hook them up to your present amp and hear what's what. You'll have a much easier time figuring out what to do, or what questions to be asking after listening to your tunes. IMHO....warren :)
cooch, which maggies ?? what is the size of your room ?, do you like to listen past 85 db spl ?

i have a pair of maggie 1.6s, 12 x 18 room. i use a vtl deluxe 120. the amp is (pseudo) triode/tetrode. i have listened in the reduced power mode which is 45 wpc. occasionally there is clipping when listening to symphony orchestra. i think you need at least 50 tube watts. as for biamping i would use two of the same amps not mix them.
warren, i hear ya. just getting opinions man. these maggies are for a 2nd system. not even sure i want them. have heard them, liked them alot, but also think they could be fatigueing. but for a 2nd system and in short listening sessions, they could be the ticket-with the right amplification. and i probably will get the mmg's and run them with my gear, hoping they will sound fine. but alot of people seem to doubt it. thanks
I think you're looking at it wrong. At this point you should be more concerned with the impedances the Maggies are going to present to a tube amp. If Maggies are in future, Warrenh is right, check them out with current amp & set-up so you have a better idea of what's what.

Maggies put out as much sound out to rear as front, so be cautious with regard to placement.

Also,a sub might not be up to the challenge of the Maggie's fast midrange & treble.
Maggies don't come alive at low or "background" listening levels. So if your "2nd system" will mostly be running that way, forget Maggies, they'll sound thin no matter what amp(s) you use.

And why would you bi-amp + sub a "2nd system"? Seems like overkill to me. You luuuuv your 40w/ch tube amp? Great! Get a really fine, new or vintage, high efficiency speaker and be happy.
the room is small. and this is definitely not gonna be background music. not sure what gave anyone that idea. will be normal listening levels. looks like i will bag the idea of running maggies with my amp. i guess maggies will have to wait until i can afford a high powered ss integrated. thanks to everyone for the input. kinda bummed tho
Why are you interested in Maggies, anyway? I've had the 1.6's, and LOVED them! But I was pushing 500 wpc [Spectron Digital 1 a class D switching amp & a tube preamp] into 4 ohms.

Don't waste time on the MMG's...go for the 1.6's. Unfortunately, low power SS [100 wpc into 4 ohms] will not work...even at low volume...these speakers will sound congested and closed in. I never ran mine with a tube amp, but their 4 ohm impedance is almost linear, making the 1.6's closer to a resistive loading than an impedance loading.

As someone who once had two systems, you would be wise to put your money into ONE great system, and use headphones for a second me for suggestions on a KILLER portable, all DC powered system!
The speaker and room size are important. I loved the 1.6s, but don't be persuaded to get them because everyone says how great they are. Sometimes the smaller Maggies work better than the bigger ones in smaller rooms. I was a naysayer regarding the importance of room size, but learned the hardway that the 3.6s were too big for my room. The MMGS are a fine speaker and work great in small room. I've owned the MG 12s, the 1.6s and the 3.6s. One other option you may consider is Peter Gunn's modded SMGAs. I've heard them on two separate occassions and was unduly impressed with them on both occassions. If I go back to Maggies, this is the speaker I would get. It was the most "musical" of all the Maggies I've heard. However, this is was a modded SMG. You can email me if you want more info.

Amplification: Its not just the wattage, but the current an amp can deliver. Damping factors also play a role. The fact is, it takes a lot of juice and good damping to get control over the panels to make the Maggies sing. Nonetheless, there was a guy who was happily running his MMGs with a Music Reference RM 10, a tube amp with 35 watts of power. This is all hearsay, but I understand he had a moderate to small room and listened to mostly chamber music. He moved on to a set of tube monoblocks with 70 watts per channel (I think) and was much happier. He did tell me there were times he really wanted to crank the volume, and though he never had any problems with clipping (a testament to the Music Ref amp), the amp did run out of steam--just wouldn't play any louder. Regardless of the model Maggie you choose, you may be temporarily alright with your current amp, but you should factor in that you will be getting a higher powered amp in the future if you intend to stick with Maggies.

Just my 2 cents.
Maggies don't come alive at low or "background" listening levels. So if your "2nd system" will mostly be running that way, forget Maggies, they'll sound thin no matter what amp(s) you use.
Exactly. I would also repeat another point: you do need a sizeable room to place these spkrs correctly. If you don't have the space, consider other spkrs.