Magnepan for a small room

I'm interested in putting some Magies in my small office. It's 10x10x9 and I will be driving it with a Peachtree Nova 80w int. amp. Is this a good speaker for such a small room, and will I need a sub for bass extension for 2 channel stereo, mostly Jazz and Acoustic Piano music?
I have MMG's in a 12x12x9 room, with good results. The speakers are 3' from the back wall, which puts them 7' from my listening position.I have a REL T-2 to augment the bottom end. I think 10x10 will be too tight.
My alternative speakers would be either of the small Harbeths.
I have a set of MG-1's in a 10x10x8 room. I can't place them more than 2 feet from the wall and the sound is too high on bass and too low on highs. I use a Soundcraftsman equalizer to improve the sound but obviously that is a big bandaid. I'm hoping to move these to a bigger room later. I think you will be disappointed. Dan
Thanks for your comments. I've been looking at smaller bookshelf type speakers and planning on adding a sub, however I thought I might look at getting a floor standing speaker that would give me good bass for about the same price of bookshelf's plus a sub.

What would you suggest, a bookshelf and sub or just a floorstand speaker with no sub?

Thanks for your comments, I enjoy the interaction & discussion.
Here is a possibility that I believe might work very well in your situation, given your integrated, room dimensions, and musical tastes. The DeVore Fidelity 3XL would be a great choice. You might even like it enough to skip the sub. I like the 3XLs so much that I am considering selling my 2-way Verity Taminos and giving up a little in bass response to get the far less expensive 3XLs. They are a very impressive speaker!
Pastor, you room is pretty small - probably too small for dipoles to work effectively; at least without major and costly room treatments.

I have used a Peachtree Decco (previous product to the Nova, 50W per) w/ Von Schweikert VR-1s and it was a great match. The VR-1s do need to be out from the wall a bit to sound best.

Other speakers I could recommend are Linn Kans, Dynaudio Audience "W" series, NHT 1s - all designed to be placed right up against the rear wall. Also you might consider the ERA 4/5s, distibuted by the same company that sells the Nova, and Dali Ikons.

And for something completely different, how about an old pair of Klipsch KG-4s? They are available very inexpensively, are efficient, have great bass (compared to the smaller monitors I mentioned previously) and can be easily placed within 12" or so to the rear wall.
Thanks 4musica44107, but I'm trying to stay under $1K for my speakers.
Br3098, do you think a floorstanding speaker would overpower the room? I don't want to over kill the room but I just want a natural bass sound.
I have such a set-up but it only works because the Maggies are 5 feet out in the room, yes that's right 5 feet out in a 10 foot room. They really don't work stuck in the corners.

Thanx, Russ
Pastor - Now that I know your budget, I have a different recommendation. If you can find a pair of Alon Petite 2-ways, they would be a great choice. I used a pair from 1998 to 2001 in a room your same approximate size. I did not feel I was lacking without a sub, but there is one available. In the past the Petites and the matching sub have typically sold for under $1000 on audiogon and eBay. The Petites were very highly regarded when Carl Marchisotta first introduced them. I recall one reviewer describing them as the best 2-way monitor for under $1000 per pair in 1998. I still have mine; use them almost daily in our home gym. Good luck!
for a room that size, i'd go w/ proac or harbeth monitors
i second (or third) the von schweikert or proac recommendations; alternatively i see rega rs5, totem staaf or totem model 1 listed within your budget. placement issues aside, the maggies absolutely would need a sub
My opinion, you need a sub in any room, with any Magnepan short of the 3.6.
Thanks to all for you help and insight.
do you think a floorstanding speaker would overpower the room? I don't want to over kill the room but I just want a natural bass sound
I would say that it depends on the speaker, but most full range speakers are going to be very tough to place in a 10x10 room. Besides size you have the shape (square rooms are very tough) thing working against you.

Small monitors or highly efficient speakers designed for SET amps might be your best options.
Well, Magnepans will never put out to much bass in a small room, isnt gonna happen unless you like lean sounding speakers. Also Magnepans sound awesome in nearfield listening. The only issue is possibly taming the tweeter, which is easy to do with room treatments, toe in, tilt, resistors,eq, etc.. I personally think Magnepans are ideal for small rooms, if they fit that is. Even in a small room, you could pull them out 36". It was just be nearfield, which with Magnepans, and Logans is incredible.