magnepan -extremely fragile tweeter

Recently purchased a pair of maggie 3.6 . listening for the first time and only 1 hour of classical music in low volume with moderately high powered amp( Accuphase P500L, 400 in 4 ohms) I noticed the tweeter is not working properly . Following a thorough inspection I noticed that tweeter at some location is over heated ( not completely burnt) and making buzzing noise!!! I previously had Maggie 3.3 and was very careful not to overheat the tweeter but it happened. Very disturbing and frustrating experience. Has any one experienced the same problem?
The tweeter in the Maggie 3.6 is physically fragile. But for normal music content it should be able to handle anything you throw at it (as a normal music signal.)
Was the tweeter fuse removed?
The tweeter is not going to burn out if the fuse is in place. The tweeter foil might break, but that is usually from a gust of air, laying the speaker flat on floor, or using a vaccum cleaner nearby, eather sucking on cloth, or blowing off front of vac.
So I would say, check to see if your tweeter actually are connected to the fuse.
Easy to remove fuse. if tweeter still works, then someone bypassed it in back of fuse.

If the fuse is bypassed. then right there is a problem.
Some folks can go for many years and never need the fuse.
but if an amp is being overdriven, then the tweeter catches it, And with no fuse, it will burn up.