magnepan experimenting

i have my modified mmgs performing pretty well. so tonite i turned them around to face wall with the metal perofrated side facing the room. this moved the tweeters to the inside configuration. they are on elevated stands and are braced also they sound very good but slightly more defined. can someone please explain what might be going on here? thanks
Here's an interesting read:
Wouldn't switching the position of left speaker with the right speaker do the same thing? My MG12's sounded better with the tweeters in the middle but with the speakers spread further apart. That worked for me. And then when I had the tweeters on the outside it was a different sound but the highs came from the outside and were not as centered. But facing the wall you get more reflection. I may be wrong but I have always gotten less information when standing behind the Maggies than forward facing. I assume it is simply the reflective nature of di-poles. Hmmm interesting.
thanks for the comments and the article. i don,t a/b and choose to listen for a week or so.. the performance
with the spks "pointing" at the back wall is very nice to say the least. i,m keeping them set up this way for a while. i.ll report back......
Wouldn't the rear wave be the same as the front just the opposite phase? If that is correct you can essentially accomplish the same thing buy using the panels front facing with tweeters on the inside and wire them out of phase, positive speaker wire in negative terminal, etc. I have played with this in my set up and I did like the way it sounded, ultimately I left the tweeters on the inside but hooked the speaker wire up the correct way.
How far do you have them from the front wall ?
room is 12 x 18 and spks are 3 ft from rear wall and 4 ft from side walls.. no toe in at this time.
JBen on the Planar Asylum has measured the MMG's both ways and from the back the frequency response is tipped up between 10 and 15 kHz:

I'm guessing that's what you're hearing.
I rotated my 1.6s a few months ago when I realized that Magnepan had flipped 'em around in the mid-90s. My original MG-1s were mylar back and I liked 'em lots....even though they were something like.....50hz to 18khz. no better.

When I did the rotate, I noted MUCH better imaging and ended up with the toe adjusted to cross well behind me. The sweet spot opened up and now every seat on the sofa sounds fine. I had to flip the phase switch on the Sub, too, which confirms my new placement.

Tipped up response or not, the brightness I noted when the mylar was to the listener and the toe was set for a proper image is GONE. They were more beamy and with a smaller sweet spot. Toe adjusted out would help, but eventually produce a 'hole in the center' effect. Toe adjusted too far 'in' would make an image about 5' wide with ZERO extension past the speakers.

Hotmailjbc.....did you EVER try toe adjusts? or Flipping 'em front/back? I think toe is ESSENTIAL to help disperse the strong backwave.....from the nearest reflecting surface.

I'm leaving them pole piece to the listener, but may do a L/R swap and again try the tweeter 'out', but this time listening to the 'wrong' side.

Try it, You'll like it.
Those measurements were made on the MMG's, anyway, so despite their similarity to the 1.6's I don't think you'd necessarily get the same tipped-up (then rolled off above 15k) highs.

As you imply, you really have to try them every which way, to see what works best in your room.

Any rectangular room is a candidate for focal point speaker placement. This costs nothing to try. I tried it with my Acoustat speakers with very good results. If you have the room to move the speakers around I think its worth trying.

Another member posted the information on it.

Interesting, I think I'll give it a try and see what happens.
i,ve turned my mags around so the mylar faces the wall and they work great that way. still experimenting with toe in and placement
I didn't like them turned around personally. Left my 1.6's facing forward, but used a very low resistor. Around a .27-.33 ohm. Just enough to take off the hint of harshness. For me, a 1 ohm resistor sounded dull, and lifeless. Just my ears....which here changes exceptionally well.
I accidentally switched my left and right panels of my mg12's today and found that there was too much bass. Is there any reason for this or is it all in my head
Are you sure the tweeters are both inside or outside ?
Maggies age,I had a pair where one was louder than the other
which might give you that if one was closer to sidewall.
No doubt you know Maggies are hyper-sensitive to placement,
I found within 1/8th of a inch equality for both speakers from surfaces. Coffee tables between you and speakers can do funny things as well.
The tweeters. Are on the inside and there is nothing between them and the couch.but there also seems to be s lingering effect on lower frequencies. I noted a couple of songs. I am going to listen to those again,switch speakers back and then play songs again