Magnepan, B&W 803, or NHT VT3 ? ?

Hello everyone, this is my first post and my first high end system and I'm an truly a novice at this, except the wife gave me the go ahead for new speaker for the house (she got new living rm, & bedroom set) I recently purchase a used Cinepro 3K6 amp, and an Integra RDC7 w/THX upgd. My current speaker are early 90 Pioneer CS-T6100, 4 way.

I will be doing 50% music and 50% 5.1 movies. I have a subwoofer. I'm considering Magnepan MG3.6; B&W Nautilus 802/803; NHT VT3 or Klipsch RF-7. I have picked these speaker because of reviews and prices. I have only audition the Klipsch speaker to date. But I will be going out and audition what I can fine in my area. I just open for various opinions.

Thanks - hap
have a pair of 803's and matching B&W center, am moving and considering a 7:1 system with all B&W in walls. Speakers are in black. Have not priced, can discuss. Available & in NYC
i'm partial to panels. however, what type of performance are you trying to achieve and there is also speaker placement issues.

could you provide info re your listening room and your ability to place speakers away from back and side walls ??
Sounds like you have a very understanding wife. Any of your choices sounds like a can't go wrong road. Your amp should have the guts to drive any of them. My two cents for the speakers would be the Maggies, if you have the space. This because I value music above movies by a wide margin. Putting together a complete system of panels may inncur more cost and space, then the others. But would indeed be a system you would truely enjoy. The crossover point for your sub would be important. Put more concern into the fronts and music, the movies will sound great when you love the sound of the music. Good hunting and let all know what you decide. Glen
Boy, talk about disparate choices! Personally, I'm quite fond of Magnepans. They have a transparency about them that no boxed speaker duplicates. I only sold mine after we moved and the new house simply wasn't set up for them. As for Klipsch, I've never personally been a fan but they do have a sound of their own. For B&W, I always wanted to like them, but our local dealer frankly hasn't ever even tried to properly set them up. My visit when I recently shopped for replacements was a joke; the saleman had no clue about 2 channel music systems. As for NHT, I've not heard them as there is no local dealer I'm aware of.

You really need to hear all of them yourself given their wide differences. I ended up with a set of Spendors. Great focus and neutrality. Different from the Maggies, but very musical in their own way and a joy to listen to.