Magnepan and Bob Carver Raven amps

I know the Magnepans are not very efficient and most of the amps that are usually paired with these speakers are not to my licking.

I own the Bob Carver Raven mono block amps; Will these amps provide sufficient power for the Magnepans? They are rated at 350 RMS at 8 ohms and 400 at 4 ohms, but they are tubed so that may matter.

I was considering either the 3.7i or the 20.7.



Just got a response back from Glen Poor' Audio. They do have both products on hand and think it is a good match.  I will visit them in the next few months for a demo.


He also sells Bat. He was a founder of the company. Geoff has had his hands in a lot of equipment.

Found this info that was posted from one of Bob’s former partners the other day. Not sure how true it is though.

"The company was owned by Jordon Gerber, Bob Carver and me from 2016 until Jordan walked out about two years ago. Everything fell apart at that point. Jordan had the product built, painted and assembled and did all the quality control and we never had a defective. Bob’s wife took over a little over a year ago as Bob began to show signs of cognitive decline. Of course she knows nothing about our industry and one of our dealers convinced her that he should he’s a general manager. For six straight years we’ve never built enough product to meet my sales. This former dealer, Jim Clark Stereo, convinced Peggy, Bob’s wife, that he could build the productin his basement that we couldn’t build ourselves! This is absurd. So the two of them got together and terminated all the dealers in the world and all the distributors from Thailand to New Zealand. They were hoping to make more money. I resigned on the spot. their lawyers have already threatened me but I can give an opinion. My opinion is that they have destroyed all the work that I’ve done and the company will go out of business in the near future. That’s just an opinion and it’s entirely subjective and therefore if they come after me, they have no grounds. this is, once again in my opinion, the greatest tragedy in the world of audio in the last decade. The stuff sounded great. Bob is not to blame. He’s pushing 80 years old and has no idea this is all going on."