Magnepan and Bob Carver Raven amps

I know the Magnepans are not very efficient and most of the amps that are usually paired with these speakers are not to my licking.

I own the Bob Carver Raven mono block amps; Will these amps provide sufficient power for the Magnepans? They are rated at 350 RMS at 8 ohms and 400 at 4 ohms, but they are tubed so that may matter.

I was considering either the 3.7i or the 20.7.



So, I just got a reply from Jim Clark as to the Carvers impedance caps.

Just as I suspected both the 4 and 8 ohm taps are wired together. Newer models will only have the one tap.

Here is what he stated.

" 4 and 8 ohm are on the same tap.

There was a transformer update at one time, and the 4 and 8 ohm taps no longer needed to be separate. The binding post were left in place instead on adding covers to the cover the extra holes. Bob buys parts years in advance.

At some point the extra pair of post will be removed and the chassis relabeled 4-8 ohms on the single tap. Functionally 4 and 8 ohm are the same."


jhills....same here. I went with tubes, but the extra heat isn't need here in New Orleans either. I lucked out on a great deal for a killer SS amp.

Glen Poor Audio sells Magnepan and Carver. I use heavily modified BAT VK-150's to drive my 1.7i maggies. You need a high current amp.

Just got a response back from Glen Poor' Audio. They do have both products on hand and think it is a good match.  I will visit them in the next few months for a demo.