Magnepan .7s' vs Zu Omens

Greetings Friends. I'm getting the fever again. I currently have a pair of Magnepan .7's which I really like with 2 caveats. One is that my studio apt. isn't 100% conducive to the ideal set up for them. The other is my primary listening is electric blues and classic rock (Tull, Zeppelin, etc.) and the Maggies (to me) lack that nth degree of impact that suits that type of music, too "polite" maybe? I've been intrigued by the Zu Omens and have been told they might be a better choice for my listening tastes. I know we are talking apples and oranges, hence I'm reaching out for thoughts and advice. Amp is Wyred A500 (needed the current for the .7's). Source is an Oppo BDP 105.
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They are nice spkrs but I believe have "There" sound(driver configuration) . Good or great your choice . I remember getting a pair of smg maggies with my tax return in 85 i still think about them after owning and being a salesman for maggies among others years ago  . Small maggies need a sub or a pair to rock in my opionion . I also have the same taste in music and my old 1.7 with 2 subs was slick . Again "There" sound . Just my two cents . I currently run adagios and love them for this type of music ( sometimes i turn the sub on ) 
Personally, I own and like my Maggies 3.7.
With that said, based upon your description I think the Zu Omens might be better suited for your needs.
Which medle were you thinking of?

The Omens because of space constrictions and budget....Perhaps the dirty weekend model for $1000.00
I own a pair of Unions, earlier renditions of the Omens, and think you would enjoy them. They are more 'forward' than Maggies (or my Vandy 3a sigs), but seem to reveal a lot more of the transient details.
I think both the Maggies and the Zu would benefit from a sub (or pair).
For me, I would get some subs to run with the Maggies for now. 
I currently use a pair of Vandy 2w's and I really like them, though I have heard that the Hsu subs give them a run for the money, especially used.
Should you still have the desire to upgrade ( and who doesn't), you can still pair them with the Zu.
Thank you sir. The Maggies do have a "magic" about them if set up properly. Sadly, I have to have my TV and Audio center between them which doesn't allow them to fully blossom (in theory). I do have  a sub now which is not audiophile quality but is adequate for now...I was thinking maybe 2 Speed Subs which are getting rave reviews...
I agree get a good sub . Used imo keep then work into a nice set of spkrs sub will stay . Mine isnt on all the time personnally always snag another sub just my two cents good luck 
I googled Speed Subs, but didn't get anything regarding subwoofers.

They are there, just ordered 1.
Hi , I picked up a pair of Zu Omens on this site about 6 months ago . I just wanted to try a speaker in this category. It started me on  a new audio adventure . At about $6k , I have a Schiit uber analog Bifrost , Kimber cable, a Rogue RP-1 with Telefunken Tecktronix 12au7's, a Dennis Had Inspire KT-88 with 3 sets of power tubes ( all new production ) 6 gain tubes ( all Nos ), 4 recitifer ( nos ) . Anti -cable level 4.2 interconnects , Anti-cable level 1 and 3 speaker cables , Silnote power cords , Pangea power cords and my old Monster power center and my old Klipsch reference 10" sub . I also have an Oppo DVD and run Tidal music from an old windows laptop. I also run aftermarket feet on my pieces and weights on my Omen cabinets . I'm going to add ERS barriers on the DAC and power supply and make imitation Mapleshades speaker bases with spikes 2 or 3"'s thick . Eventually I will get back into vinyl. As per your question , the Omens are great and I was amazed at the amount of bass that they produce . The fellow I purchanced them from has a pair of DeVore's and some other less expensive single driver speakers . I'm old school , I have JBL 4312A's and Klipsch Heresy II's . But I need 200 wpc for the JBL's. I was told by the previous owner that the omens sound better than the other speaker from Utah . And the he regrets selling them . I just broke in a pair of Tung Sol KT-120's and the Zu's really rock . Happy listening , Mike B. 

It sounds to me like you want dynamic speakers, but ended up with ribbons. The Zu's, plus an integrated tube amp will probably make you very happy.

Sean is one of the good guys in audio. I met Adam and him when they were first starting off, with one of their early tours of the original Druid. Their speakers weren't quite for me, at the time, but I know they've gone through generations and generations of advancements, since then.
Thanks. As much as I like the Maggies, they lack the nth degree of "weight" my taste in music requires, I think....
Jay23, I agree that some of the earlier Zu's , esp the ones with ribbons, weren't up to snuff ( and were quickly updated).
Beernut, I still think you should try adding a sub or two. You might be surprised by the difference. I, too, had a crush on the Maggies. 
I think if you look at Agon archives there are a lot of Maggie owners that paired them with Vandersteen subs to great acclaim. 
Should you really want to try the Zu's, the Vandersteen subs will work with them, as well. Both ways, you can't lose.
I have to add that I do have a sub right now though admittedly not audiophile level, Acoustech (BIC) PL-200 which did garner a "10" rating in it's price range.
Your Maggies deserve a higher end sub. I think it will give you more of the sound you want. 
I never thought a sub could integrate so seamlessly as the Vandersteen until I bought a pair.
As far as the Zu's go, you will probably enjoy the 'more dynamic' sound, but I think you will need to add a sub unless you go with the Definition line. As I said, I have the Union, and they do go down low, but not way down-Though the low frequencies are well produced.
I bought the Union's because they were cheap and I wanted to have something to contrast with my Vandy 3a sigs. So, if you have a hankering to try them, why not? I don't think you will be disappointed.
Thank you for the advice. Either way looks like a new sub would be in order. I posted the maggies on here to see if I get any bites...

I saw your ad, you say you are moving, will you not have room for the Maggies?
I do have a pending move, yes. If it comes through, I plan on traveling lighter. 
Well then, the Zu's will be much lighter, and with their efficiency, you can scale back on amps. 
Let us know how it pans out.

Thanks Bob. The move is now in limbo(as of today) so I may be standing pat, after I dropped $60.00 on the ads for Audiogon of course. True, i wouldn't need the horse power of my Wyred for sound STi 500 for sure. Wish I could listen to the Zu's somewhere first hand to be honest. I have to rely on reviews and audiogon input.
X4 on the sub.get a good one and keep the maggies . Change to the zu i bet you will be stoked you still have a good sub . You wont get your answer untill YOU ! Go and listen to them .. Weekend trip lol 
Beernut, regarding the sound of the Zu's:
Compared to my Vandy 3a sigs(which are a bit like your Maggies), the sound is a bit more 'forward', I notice more 'inner voices', too.
Sound isn't fatiguing. My Unions sound good without a sub, but I believe they sound better with one or two- More a matter of physics, those cabinets aren't very large or heavy.
Do you have an idea which model you want? 
Looking at the Omens but have decided to add a sub to the maggies and stay put, for now anyway. Couldn't get a local sale on the maggies so i will stand pat. Thanks!
I own the dirty weekend Zu 's and have owned Magnepan MG 2a,both are great. Speakers.Over the last several years I have moved to lower power tubes.I have the omen's powered by a Medloy SP3  in the living room and they sound great! Do not over look the speaker that has made it to my listening room, The Tekton Mini Lore powered by a Manley Stingray has become my sit down system. This combo in my small room (12 X 12 ) sounds the best to my ears. Happy listening .
One consideration is that Zu offers a money-back, in-home audition.
Gsm, buying them used saves almost 50% than new. For that much money, you can resell them if you truly hated them, which I doubt you would-they really do live up to their reputation.
Beernut, good move with the sub upgrade. I would suggest Vandersteen, which is a classic Maggie combo, or Hsu, or JL Audio subs.
Thanks Bob. I appreciate the great input from everyone. My amp wasn't fully "broken in" and I'm hearing things blossom more. Opted for an RSL Speedwoofer 10S. Not in the audiophile stratosphere but a step up from my Acoustech PL-200 which was more suited to HT. The RSL is punchy and "faster". I hear individual bass notes vs. thumps. I may go for another and have 2....
I loved my maggies with two subs . I had smg with velodynes way back . Had 3a then 1.7 with dual sunfires cj tubes it sounded fantastic . I must also say placement and treatment made the maggies soar . I am in the process of treating my new room .. Dual subs are great with maggies imo . dual 8" -10" although for rock i loved the 12" hsu sunfire for a g its pretty nice 
I have had mixed results buying used - admitedly, though, buying only electronics. Conversely, my experience dealing directly with Zu has been faultless. My first pair of Zu speakers were the Def 1.5s that I swapped for an early pair of Zu Def 2s since they were released during my Def 1.5's home audition period. When the Zu Def 4s came out, I was able to swap the Def 2s for the Def 4s. Just my own experience and preference.
gsm, thanks. Wish i could here the Zu's in person. Where I live that's nil. Thanks for the input, ZU seems to have a great reputation.
Beernut, enjoy your sub. I hope you can get a second, it really smooths things out. Those Maggies are fine speakers.
When a pair of Zu Omens or Superfly's come through Agon at a good price, I think you should try them. They really are pretty sweet.
I listen to primarily classic rock and 80's/90's college alternative.  I've been running Klipsch Fortes for the past 18 months, but have always been curious about Zu's and Tekton's.  I was able to pick up some used Omen's 3 weeks ago.

As much as I want to love the Omens - they look better, they take up less space, I've read so many great things, etc. - I believe I have concluded that with my room and my gear, the Fortes are a better, more live-sounding, more impactful speaker.  They just give me more "rock."  Now, I have an Outlaw sub (perhaps not a great sub) that I'm using with the Zu's, but I wouldn't say I've done a perfect job of blending the sub with the Zu's, either placement or levels.  It is definitely true that the Forte's go much lower with more authority.  Maybe if I got the sub set up properly, the Zu's would shine.

I have never heard Magnepans, so I can't opine on them.
hanfrac, I owned Forte's before and loved them. The issue was they needed to be placed close to the rear wall for the passive bass radiator to work properly. Not always practical. Plus, they didn't need a lot of power to shine. Thanks for the input. I have the Maggies integrated with the sub pretty well and am getting the best of both worlds now.