Magnepan .7 slight bulging line in lower front

I just recently received a new pair of Magnepan .7

However, I noticed a slight bulging line in the lower front underneath the sock. (see picture If I put my finger on it, it feels like a piece of paper / film that's sticking out, and if I press on it, it will retreat deeper but once I release my finger, it bounces back.

This only happen with one unit and the bulge is only visible in darker condition. During the day you won't be able to notice it as the bulging line is so very slight. Sound wise it doesn't seem to affect the sound at all. I'm wondering if there is anyone with knowledge of what's underneath it and whether it could be some elongated / blown capacitor or heat related issues that caused the paper / film to bulge up.
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I believe your cross over, binding post and fuse wiring are inside behind this area, if it sounds okay nothing to worry about. If you keep pushing it there's a chance of disrupting some of the soldering or wiring. I can feel little prongs behind the sock on my 3.7 I too but it's the way they are made.
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You can take a heat gun and wave it in front of the warp and it will tighten. If you keep the gun stationary at any point you will burn the grill cloth and possibly the driver. Wave the gun and test the cloth with your hand. It can get very warm but not hot. This is best done with the grill off. This is have the diaphragm is tightened in the first place. It is stretched across the frame then hit with a heat gun. ESLs are the same way. Every15 years or so I replace the grill cloth on my speakers (they need it now) and while I'm in there I tighten all the diaphragms with the gun. Then they have to break in all over again. 
@johnto , the crossover is actually in the back and they're more visible. What's underneath of the paper / film in the front is very hidden. I couldn't find a magnepan email to send questions too, guess will call them and see what they think. 
You mention new. Have you asked the Maggie folks?
My guess is it just a case of The Covid 15 lbs everyones
Yes, call Magnepan. They have excellent people on hand to help customers.
I really don't recommend taking a heat gun to a newly acquired Maggie... try explaining that if it needs warranty work!
Take a picture and send it to Magnepan after discussing with customer service.  
I called Magnepan today, response is if it sounds good, then it's not broken and it's just a cosmetic issue from manufacturing..