Magnepan .7 issue?

I've been using my new Maggie .7's for a few months now and love them. The only issue I'm experiencing that may not really be an issue is the following. I would really appreciate it if other Magnepan owners could check theirs too and let me know if they are experiencing the same thing to be sure. When the speakers are opened from their boxes new, there are these long metal strips that act like magnets about 2" wide and about 3 ft long. I was amazed that I could hardly find mention of this online since I have no idea how this would not have annoyed others as well. Apparently the long metal strips hold the tweeters in place during shipment to prevent air from getting underneath them inside? Not sure if that's accurate or how that even makes any sense. There was no real detailed information in the manual about why this is done. The problem is that the grill covers get stuck really hard to the what appears to be the ribbons or between the ribbons when the strips are lifted off. The manual states to use tape which easily proved useless and not even remotely tacky enough to solve the issue. I recently saw a video of the same speakers and noticed that the reviewers grills were stuck as well during the review so I can't imagine I'm the only one who's experienced this, probably because they couldn't get tape to work either. 

Finally, I had to carefully pinched the grill covers safely from one side and very carefully worked my way out and pinched and pulled along the entire length of where the metal strip metal made the grill cloth stick. My concern was damaging the ribbons but maybe the noise of it ripping off was not actually coming off the ribbons themselves but perhaps the material between the ribbons? Also, I noticed that the sound coming from the rear seems a bit more clear from the rear of the panels than from the front when I place my ear up close to the speakers. Is this normal? I thought the sound coming from the front would be a bit more clear than the rear. Somewhat ironic.
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The metal bars are only for transport. The grille fabric getting stuck to the panels during transport is common. Your speakers should be fine as long as you didn't pull the foil strips from the mylar when "pinching" the grille fabric. In a dark room, shine a low power light over the panel to inspect whether the foil has come disbonded. A little disbonding in a few places is normal. What you should be concerned with is inch+ lengths of disbonded foil. 

As for the speaker sounding louder from the rear, my guess is that's due to your ears also picking up sound reflected off the wall. Place the speaker dead center in the room and the loudness should be approximately equal. 
Hmmm, that does seem a bit much. I had to use the tape method but the tape has to be pulled vertically, parallel to the fabric. The fabric sticks because the panel is basically covered in a layer of glue that remains tacky. The bonding of the foil to the mylar should be much stronger than that of the fabric to the panel, so I doubt you did any damage. Send the link to Magnepan (also call them). My bet is they'll tell you no harm done.
Thanks for the feedback guys. After looking into the back of the speaker, the ribbons appear to be recessed in a sort of frame work near the tweeter and perhaps the sound bounces off the shallow walls, causing the sound to be a bit louder from the rear. Regardless, I absolutely love these speakers and I'm completely happy. I was just curious if others noticed this as well.