Magnepan .7 Alternatives

Looking for suggestions…Currently I have Magnepan .7’s and am generally happy but at times they just don’t do it.

I find these speakers to be schizophrenic, sounding great on some tracks and other tracks leaving me wondering what the hey !… I’d say probably 30-40% of the time I’m feeling this way. Either too much treble, not clear or not tonally balanced. I’m no expert but just my opinion, it often comes off as the midrange being pushed to it’s limit trying to be treble. I assume I feel that way being the speaker’s lack of accuracy, although what Maggi’s do they do well, just not an accurate speaker.

I experience this pretty much no matter what source or style of music I play, certainly a non forgiving speaker. Yes, I’ve played around with Toe-In, tried various resistors & jumpers…sounds great on everything I adjust, just not a consistent sounds great.

Lets get it straight, I’m not a “Magnepan Hater”, there’s certain qualities I truly love about my Maggi .7’s, the open sound, the transparency but hoping I may be able to find a speaker that’s not as finicky and can give me the open feel, transparency and clarity that I seek.

My set up consists of:

Odyssey Khartago Extreme Amp

Tubes4hif SP-13 Preamp

Bluesound Node

EAT B Sharp TT w/Sumiko Moonstone Cart

Pro-Ject Tube Box S Phono Pre

(2) REL - T5x Subs


Room dimensions: 11.5’ W x 12’ L

10’ Ceilings -

Listening Distance from Speakers

8.5’ - 9’

Carpet, Curtins, (4) 48” x 12”Acoustic panels on wall behind sofa facing my set up.

Not a fan of bookshelf’s and rather would prefer recommendations on

Floorstanders but will listen and research any suggestions you feel would work.

Note: I’m just starting my search, so don’t beat me up if I don’t go right out and purchase your suggestion as others have done in the past.

My Budget is around the $3k mark.




Look at Tekton. I have maggies and vandersteen and bought a pair of Double Impacts SE. Wow, big bass slam with clarity. Get the 4 ohm of whatever model will fit your space. IMO. I have not let go of my MMGs or Vandys. I think the sonic signature is similar on these.

Before you ditch the Maggies...please check on placement.  I would say at least 2 feet from the back wall and use a measuing tape to get the distance of each exact. I have had MGIIs and currently MGIIIa models...setup is critical. I biamp mine with a pair of brystons and a bryston 10A crossover.  after screwing around with position for quite some time they sound great....that being said, if I were to change, I would go with Martin Logan.  They have a lot of the advantages of the Maggies, but a little more bottom end.

Room makes a huge difference in how the Maggies sound, I have had my Maggies in 3 separate rooms over the 8 years I have owned them and I was a winner in 2 out of 3. I was also skeptical about adding a subwoofer to my 1.7i's, coz on paper it sounds logical, cone cannot keep up with dipole, but then a deal came up locally for a REL S3 SHO and I was like what the hell, let me give it a try. I was always happy with my Maggies until then, but man was I gobsmacked, The REL integrated beautifully with the Maggies and it took it many notches above where it already was. The music got a heft that you didn't even realize was missing. Maggies are truly a magical speaker. I hope you find that bliss OP.

If anyone is interested, my pair of Eminent Tech LFT-8b’s are for sale here on Audiogon right now. The only reason for selling them is that we moved and the new living room is trapezoid shaped, with the furniture positioned such that the entertainment center is in one corner, not allowing for a good dipole back bounce. Otherwise, as others have said, they’re wonderful speakers with tremendous clarity and musicality.