Magnepan 3.7i vocals sound harsh

Noticing vocals are sounding harsh and grainy on the Maggie's on both lps and CD's, music sounds great. Using a parasound 2.1 integrated.
Currently have resistors installed on speakers but same harshness on vocals without.
All statements are suspect because I haven't heard the system personally johnto.
I currently own the 20.7 loudspeakers and have known of, owned and/or sold Magnepans since 1983, off and on.
Their core sound is smooth, very much so. How much power, which recordings, wires, sources... are you having problems with... with this info, it  will help responders get a better feel for what is happening. 
Do you have the ability and resources to try switching out the system, piece by piece.
Ultimately, with the right gear, you may find that the Maggies best feature is their mid range.
Hope we call all help.


I don't have the resources to switch out pieces, I may try to borrow a friends amp.
Prior to the 3.7i I had 1.7i and 1.7 which sounded smooth. The 3.7i brings more of everything but the harshness in the vocals are aggravating.
Is the harshness present no matter the volume (SPL)?