Magnepan 3.7i

Anyone know the exact size of the shipping box for these speakers. 
Will a Honda CR-V be large enough with front seat down.
Thank you
how long is the cargo bed w/ seat down?

the speaker is just under 6 ft. long & box is a bit longer

oh, and Congrats!
Dimensions: 24 W x 71 H x 1 5/8 D inches for the 3.7i.

The shipping box is just a little larger than the speaker.

So approximately 26 x 73 x 6
are u serious?? you've got to go online and ask such a ridiculous question.  That's why Magnepan lists the demensions of each speaker on their web site!!!!
Don't forget, if they are too long laying flat you can place them on their sides and go diagonal (the hypotenuse) this should give you a few more inches at least...
Hey don_1 don’t be a jerk I can read the speaker size but am asking for the box size , i guess you can’t read and don’t like helping others. When I talked to the Maggie sales rep he didn’t even know the box size.
If memory serves there are safety tapes that go behind the tweeters so they don't get damaged in transportation.
look into this before taking them on a ride...
Thanks to all for suggestions.
Box ended up being 27 1/4. X. 75 X 6. I was fortunate enought to be able to borrow a Honda Odyssey which had plenty of room with the rear seats down and one middle seat removed. It was a lot if driving in one day from MA to NJ but well worth it.