Magnepan 3.7 and Nuforce Reference 18

Hi, I need to power my Maggies 3.7 and I am looking for some advice.

I already have a Musical Fidelity Int Amp 500WPC @ 8 Ohms Dual Mono(@4 Ohms data has not been released).

I am considering buying Nuforce Reference 18 Class D Amp. Does anyone know if they will drive the Maggies 3.7 with full authority?

These amps have excellent reviews as far as sound quality is concerned, but I am not sure if they can compare to a 500WPC Class AB amp when driving the Maggies.

I am considering Class D as they can fit in my suitcase :-)

in class D Jeff Rowland's old 501 or 312 are a superb match with Magnepan !
I suggest you check out the Sanders Magtech amp.. I just installed in my system with 3.7s and wow.

They have a 30 day trial.

Happy listening,
Just unboxed a Sanders tonight as well...the 3.7's are still in the box on the floor, as I hooked up my VS4 jr's to see what the amp would do..I have a Gamut d200, Mk 2, a very nice amp, but the Sanders has added a lot of weight to the sound. Certainly a stronger bass. As soon as I can cat-proof the Maggies, up they will go.
Does anyone offer a cover for panel speakers to keep fur-balls from using them as scratching poles??
Sorry, but the cats stay!!
I see de-clawing in your future.
Cats are not an audiophiles best friend. That would be dogs. Even with declawing, cats still try to claw, not realizing they don't have claws. I would worry about that with the ribbons. They are pretty fragile. The old ADS speakers with the metal grills were the thing with cats. I will never forget the look on my cats face the first time she tried to claw those metal grills. There wasn't a second attempts.
I've got some NOS ADS metal speaker grills I can sell you. Only $500...each.

Someone on another group said he put dryer fabric softener sheets under his Maggies, and that his cats wouldn't go near them.
I wouldn't dream of declawing a cat. Sorry, but it's cruel in my eyes.
I'll find a solution...maybe the repellant sprays...or a plastic covering....
Water bottle works well too...
If I were still a Maggie owner with worries about what my unsupervised kitty would do, I'd think about making something like a protective sandwich of Gatorfoam that could be quickly attached and removed with velcro tabs. The veneer fascia on the Gatorfoam gives it a less cheesy look than other alternatives I can think of and it's still lightweight.