Magnepan 3.6R biamp crossover

What's the deal with the crossover to Biamp? Do I have to get it from my dealer? Don't even know the local dealer!! Does anyone do this with an active crossover, and if so, which one??

Uhm, you have two choices and based upon the question, only one that your likely to want to try.

1) Add matched amps, and put one on the mid/tweet, and the other on the bass. You can go un-matched if you have volume pots on the amp.

2) Wire direct to the drivers. Then using an electronic, active, crossover, and two/three amps. Go directly to each driver. This requires minor electronic skills and will void your warranty.

I would definately go with an active crossove. No matter what parts you upgrade your passive one with, it won't likely match an active one. I would look for the Marchand, Behringer, DBX DriveRack?, or others. Start with two amps (1 on mid/tweeter, 1 for the bass) If you feel adventerous, you can eventually tri-amp.
Dear Macdad: I don't know which kind of improvement you are looking for.

If you are looking for a better quality music reproduction, I think that with a second DD-12 running in true stereo way with your Maggies you could have a great system.

Please take a look at this link:

Regards and enjoy the music.
Another option is to find a used Magnepan XO1 crossover. That will allow you to biamp with amps that are not gain matched, and also bipass the caps/inductors for the LF. They go for about $100, though they're pretty rare.

I have one sitting around doing nothing, if I could remember where I saw it last....
Hello Rooze,
I have a pair of XO-1's that came with my 3.5R's. Now I want to Bi-Amp.
I saw your post. I'm not sure how to go here ... do I just follow the diagram on the Xo-1 box, because I've seen a post that show's an alternate way to use these crossovers. Also I have an active John Curl crossover that I could use also.
My two AR amps are 76 & 100 wpc. So what do you think...?
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