Magnepan 3.6qr VS 1.7i

I’ve decided I want to own a pair of Magnepans. It’s kind of like Jeremy Clarkson’s belief about Alfa Romeo. If you wanna be a true HiFi Enthusiast, you have to have gone through a set of Maggie’s.
I’ve been watching the classifieds both here and elsewhere, and occasionally, I’ll see a set of used 3.6r’s go for sale at about 2k$. A set of new Maggie 1.7i’s retail for roughly the same. Electronics aside, which one is the better buy? Are the older, higher-tier 3.6r’s superior to the newer, lower-tier 1.7i’s, or does the new tech in the x.7-series surpass even a higher-tier x.6-series? Is the 3.6r the better buy?
Head over to the Planar Speaker Asylum and MUG (Magnepan Owners Group), where there is a lot of discussion by longtime Maggie owners about your very topic.
Just be careful of the year if you go with the 3.6 I believe some 2005 and prior  are subject to delaminatiion of the wires due to glue failure.