Magnepan 3.6 ribbon tweeters

Is any one else having trouble with their Magnepans? I have replaced 4 ribbon tweeters since August. Magnepan is no help at all, and says, "That's what you get for buying a ribbon tweeter."- Wendell Diller. Its funny I owned the orginal MG-3s for over 15 years and never blew a tweeter, using the same electronics. I'd welcome any advice or feedback.
I had a pair of 3.5's and lost a tweeter one time. I have no idea of what happened. I was listening loud, it just decided it didn't want to play anymore. Magnapan replaced it without question or charge. You might try a using a smaller fuse on the tweeter, but if you do not listen loud that probably will not accomplish anything. Good Luck, Doug
OOPS!! Third sentence should say: I was NOT listening loud....
I have owned several sets o Magnepans..3 with the ribbons and the only concern was mine. I made the mistake of using
the vac on the grills....and damaged the ribbon with the
vac suction! Most people that have continual problems with
tweeters, I believe, have some kind of high freq. info going
through the tweeters that is frying them.....remember at best we hear up to 20k...but the ribbion can go to 40k+..
...and if your cd player or any other component is passing
high freq. noise above can be having concerns..and it not be anything you yourself can hear.
My old pair sounded great and played loudly with a Bryston amp in the former owner's setup. I took them home but never duplicated the good sound [in part due to my amps and untuned room]. I did, however, regularly replace tweeter fuses, and finally sold the spkrs before ribbon replacement became necessary. The extreme excursion of the ribbons at high volume also alarmed me. Sounds like Mr. Diller has all the customers he needs...
If in fact that is what was said to you, I would sell my speakers and by another brand whose customer's service was a little more professional and responsive.
I've had a pair of Magnepan 3.3' for about 6 years now and I had to replace the tweeter once which was my fault. Strong gust of wind through a sliding door ripping the Ribbon tweeter. Sorry to hear about the response from Wendell Diller though. Not very professional.
Interesting response from Magnapan, and consistent with a similar experience that I had. I owned several Maggies over the years, having started on the plannar path with modest SMGa's. I eventually went to Apogees and now Martin Logans but always kept the SMGa's in my bedroom system (great in this application and maybe just a bit of sentimental value). Well, one of the speakers developed a small tear which was adudble at LF. I wanted to have it professionally repaired, or have the "mylar" replaced, by Magnapan -- at my own cost of course. I received a very flip response that they are not taking any more repair orders. Too busy. Click. Nice people.
Well, aside from one fuse replacement, I've never had any trouble out my old 3.5s or MG20s. I ran my 3.5s with Bryston and Krell amps at one time oranother, and the MG20s with a Pass X350. That last combo will play louder than I care to listen, and with never a problem with fuses or tweeters.

WRT to Magnepan in general and Mr. Diller in particular, I must agree with the other posters who've encountered a profound lack of regard for the customer. If their products weren't so damn good, I'd tell this company and Mr. Diller to stuff it where the sun doesn't shine. Mr. Diller flat out lied about whether or not they were working on an update of the MG20R and then evinced a 'too bad, tough' attitude when called on it. I can only hope that Magnepan is acquired by someone with some sense of customer relations, and that Mr. Diller is relegated to his true calling - a career in the food service industry.
I have found Magnapan to be very helpful. But more importantly their dealer network. Both have been very helpful to me. I suggest working with a dealer. As far as blowing tweeters, the 3.6's like a 200 watt plus amp. They also like to be bi-wired. When moving use the magnetic protectors. I have had my 3.6's for about one year and have never had a problem. These are great speakers! I suggest you work with a dealer as to your particular problem. The problem with the tweeters is not a design flaw.
As a customer, former audio dealer, and consultant, I called Magneplanar to inquire about changes and updates to their product line as I go out of my way to avoid dealing with their arrogant dealer in my area. I thought maybe I said something to offend him, as I found Mr Diller to be a snippy, arrogant, insecure, confrontational and completely unhelpful jerk. Gald to see from the posts above that I guess it wasn't me. It is really to bad for a company wiht wonderful products to face clients with exactly the type of person that has destined our wonderful hobby to remain forever stuck as a struggling cottage industry, whining about shrinking margins, home theatre, MP-3 etc.