magnepan 3.6

Have seen them listed as R's, QR's, and just 3.6. Isnt the 3.6 a true ribbon model therefore eliminating the QR? If there are diif models, which one is the newest and top of the line model. Thanks....John
Maggie makes only 1 model of the 3.6's. There are no levels of models of the 3.6's.

QR stands for Quasi Ribbon which is the midrange driver for the 3.6
Both above posters are correct, some times people just get confused and make little errors when they make ads. The 3.6 has a true ribbon tweeter and a QR midrange driver- there are NO factory variations of the 3.6
Thank you for you quick responses. Happy new year!....John
The 20.1 is the only Maggie with a Quasi-Ribbon midrange.
The 3.6 has a planar midrange like the older 3.5 & 3.3.
I've been waiting, (patiently!) since I sold my 3.3rs for a 3 series Maggie w/a Q.R. midrange. The Absolute Sound is the only magazine I've seen that detailed the performance jump when the 20.1 was auditioned with the Q.R. midrange, (I don't remember the issue #, sorry!)
I own Apogee Mini-Grands now & they fill the bill (for me)quite nicely!
The Magnepan website is pretty vague on this, maybe your nearest dealer can help....
Danie1k141- Thanks for the clarification! I new the 20.1 used a push/pull type driver and I was unsure about what they meant! I am trying to arrange an audition on the 20.1's but the dealer in my area has never sold a pair of 3.6's let alone the 20.1's(mine came from different dealer), so it makes listening to the 20.1's difficult. There is a guy with a pair of MG20's in the area but I am not sure of how much of a difference there is between the .1's and the older model. In other words the local dealer near me is useless :o)

Thank you

That is very interesting and gives me a new perspective on the Maggie lineup.

Sorry about the bad info Velo62