Magnepan 3.5R buzzing

I have a 2 year old pair of Maggie 3.5R's and recently when playing some music which contains low bass the one speaker's top mid-bass panel plays the music but there is a buzzing along with the music. Has anyone had this problem, is there a quick fix thatI can perform w/o having to send back to Magnepan?
i have the same problem with a pair of apogees duettas hopfully some one has help for us
Yo Audiableguy, I had a pair of MGIIIa's that buzzed. I sold them. To fix your speakers, you will need to ship them back to Magnapan for new socks. It will bring them back to "new" condition. The problem is that when played at high volume levels (expecially with power amps that cannont handle the transients and clip) the DC will overheat grid (wires)on the sock and deform an area of it. This area will be "loose" compared to the rest of the panel and it will show up as a buzzing noise during certain bass passages. As for the Apogees, the ribbons can usually be re-tensioned if not damaged. More info is available at which is the Apogee users web site.
The sock is just the fabric covering the panel. You must be discribing the panel when you are mentioning the sock. What you discribed may or may not be the problem. These are relatively new speakers. Send them back to Magnapan for repair.
The wires on the back of the panels can come loose, that´s probably what has happened. Are you listening at very high volume levels? Good Luck!
I agree with Hasse. Experienced the same buzzing due to loose bass coils. Call Magnepan, they will repair your speaker at no cost to you ( shipping is also free.)
I had this problem with a pair of magnepan 3.3's and I fixed it myself. The wires that are bonded to the mylar panel come loose as they loop at the top and bottom of the speaker. If you look through the cloth at the back of the speaker (use a flashlight) you can see this. Magnepan sells a jar of blue speaker panel coating. You have to peel the sock off the speaker to repair it. I decided to slit the sides of the sock at the top and bottom and spray glued it back on after making the repair . This was easier than taking the whole thing apart. After you gain access to the wires, use 3m spray glue to bond the wires back onto the mylar. Then coat that area with the blue magnepan coating. I laid the speaker face down on the dining room table to do this as you only need to access the back of the speaker. I did this 2 years ago and the speakers still sound fantastic. I think they sound better than when they were new!!