magnepan 3.5. Midrange noise

I have a pair of magnepan 3.5. But I found some abnormal noise from one speaker's midrange. Just thought it might be out of order. I'd like to change it. Is there anyone with the midrange planar? Or any one knows where to buy it?
Or anyone knows how to solve it?
Thanks a lot.
The midrange driver is a planar magnetic and may have loose wires. These wires are the "voice coil" for this kind of speaker and they can delaminate in some cases. Get a flashlight and examine the driver. The wires often only separate at the edges, so look carefully. The sound that results has a buzzy or "slapping" character. Magnepan will rebuild the speaker at a reasonable cost ($300-400?). They actually strip the diaphragm and reglue the wire. DIY repairs are also possible, although I don't recommend it. Afterward rebuilding, the speaker is more or less new. It is better to do both speakers at the same time because often the drivers in the matching speakers are also delaminating. Good luck!
What sound, or lack of sound are you experiencing?
Check your fuses or just change them, maybe clean all terminals including fuse holder. The MR is usually very robust with the tweeter going before the MR. Switch speakers to make sure the problem is not the amp. Good luck.
Rkeman is probably right, I would check the foil traces as well first. He's also right that you can easily replace the mid driver, getting the cloth sock off and on right is the hardest part. Patience and methodic work will get it done.

Check the tweak archieves for adhesive recommendations. But it is not a task for the faint hearted, and not recommended unless your truely handy. Or remove the panel and send it to Maggie Mcpan for repair. (Highly recommended)

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