Magnepan 3.3 VS Dunlavy SC-IV

I currently own 3.3 Maggies and I'm very happy with them, but have an opportunity to purchase the Dunlavy's at what I feel is a great price and would like to hear from anyone who has heard both. I use the speaker for 60 percent home theater. Thanks for your help.

These two speakers though very different are amongst my favorites. How many channels will you be running? Ultimately I think your room might decide what might be best for you. While the Maggies offer a wide soundstage so do the Dunlavy's. The Maggies may allow for more flexibility in seating position and offer more listeners the opportunity to enjoy that soundstage. The Dunlavy's are more precise(especially in imaging) but may offer less flexibility and less opportunity for others to enjoy their soundstage. The Maggies are harder to drive, but despite the fact that Dunlavy's can be driven with less power, they really come alive with more. The Dunlavy's may offer my dynamic impact for home theatre. BTW, I think the Dunlavy SC IVA's are a serious upgrade over the SC IV's and IMHO the Magnepan 3.3's too. Another thought to keep in mind is that Dunlavy is out of business and Magnepan is still thriving. Forgive me for being redundant, but, ultimately I think the room may be the deciding factor between these excellent products.
Thanks for the response. I am running 5.1 channels.Power is no problem ( 300@8OHMs, 600@4OHMS )but my room is 16X16 and lots of windows. Listening is 11 feet from my speakers and they are 9 feet apart, center to center. I had NHT VT-2A's and loved the impact for home theater but wanted more for music so I went with 3.3's for the front , 1.5's for the rears and a MCC1 for the center. I love the clear sound, best I have heard but it's lacking in something! I thought the Dunlavy's would fill that void. any comments?
I'm not sure what it is that you find lacking. Perhaps you can elaborate? I'm sure you know a lot more about the placement needs of Maggies than I do. The Dunlavy's usually sound best along the long wall (when there is one) about 12' apart, about 2' from the rear wall and about 10' from the listnener. Obviously for surround sound a large room would be needed for Dunlavy's. What is a concern though is the dimensions of your room and the possibility that you have standard 8' ceilings . That coupled with lots of windows is even more disconcerting. I can't help but wonder if you might be better off investigating something like the TacT room correction gear before changing anythine else.