Magnepan 20.7

I took the plunge and bought a pair of Magnepan 20.7's.
After having owned the AudioLab Electrostatics I wasn't sure that they could be as good.
Actually, they are a truly amazing pair of Loudspeakers. I can't say that they're better, but it is very close.
Moreover, the Magnepans are terrifically neutral and open sounding. My room is large, 24' high and very deep. I listen in near field--which is not to say that everyone should, it's just my preference. Doing that, I"m happy as a clam with these. Every reviewer who looks at these rather large speakers says, 'They don't have the bass slam that conventional speakers have'. While that may be true, it's not something I miss. I love the bass of these speakers, as it's tonally, very accurate, easily playing, lower notes of a bowed double bass. Voices, clear and solidly placed in three dimensional space.
Over all this is a Grade A loudspeaker. I'm using a 150 hybrid amplifier (integrated), and it handles the volumes I want just fine.
Highly reccommended to anyone in this price range.
Good listening, 
Sounds like a perfect setting to listen in.  I also prefer near field listening but I think for me it might be my hearing at 63. 

bdp24 and bobheinatz,

My speakers were maximized for video, since I have an 80 Flatscreen.
Yet, after experimentation, I placed them a tiny bit less than 8' apart, angled in about 45 degrees. At my couch tweeters (placed inside) cross me perfectly.  At my listening distance of 5', it works wonderfully.
5' is so good (for my taste) in this room. I simply move a comfortable chair into place. 
Bob, I'm a little older than you, 67, and God blessed me with great ears, (or cursed me, lol). So, I still hear the upper levels. Of course I try to take great care of them. I take baths in very warm water, submerging my head, allowing the warm water to stay in my ears for a bit, before letting it drain. Probably TMI, but that has served me for my whole life.
For me, guys, there is NOTHING more involving than great music. 
BTW, I also have a couple of novels published, that's my only other great love of life, other than my wife Pat.
Good listening, and thanks for the comments.

I would love to hear those from 5 feet away. Must be enveloping, fast, and dynamic. Have fun!

The 20.7s can do base very well, however, it takes an amp with a really good power supply.  I have experimented with many amps & configurations over the years and every upgrade paid off, some of them surprising.  You mention that you have a 150 hybrid amplifier (integrated), unfortunately, that is not going to be enough to push the 20.7 base panels.  When I first got my 20.7s (replacing 3.7s) I had a Mcintosh 452 and thought that would be plenty of power, it wasn't.  I next tried 2 MC601's which were  pretty much the same as the 452.  While I had the 601s I ordered a Sanders Magtech and set it up to compare.  The difference was unbelievable!  There was the base I had been looking for along with everything else, the Magtech completely blew the Mc's out of the water in every way.  I have another friend who also has 20.7s and loved the Mactech on my system so much he got one too.  Give Roger a call and try one for 30 days, you won't be disappointed. 
Bret thanks for the comments. The amp I'm using is the LSA Statement, a company I founded a few years back. It pretty much doubles into 4 and 2 ohm resistance, which is to say, it has a great power supply. I wouldn't deign to compare it to the Magtech, which I haven't heard. Knowing Mr. Sanders' work, I'm sure its AMAZING. 
The bass that this LSA produces in my room, is tuneful and very well balanced for me. I am, as I pointed out, a near field listener so, big powerful bass is not as important to me, as sound staging and realism of tonality. BTW I just got new tubes from Brent Jessee Recording, the NOS 7308's I believe and it was transformative. Our Maggies, Brett  are so revealing, that any change is immediately obvious. I love them probably as much as you do. 
Good Listening,