Magnepan 1.7s in a 10x13' dedicated room?

I'm planning on upgrading my speakers soon and want to go back to Magnepans. I'm considering MG12s but came across nearly new 1.7s on Craigs List for a good price. Problem is, my room is only 10x13x8', but I can do anything I want to it. It already has three bass traps, (two in front corners, one at ceiling wall juncture in back) and 24 1x2' Auralex absorbers spaced around the room. Floor is hardwood with a big think area rug. Anyone put 1.6s or 1.7s in a room of similar size?
I tried a pair of Magnepan 12s in a 13x11x8 room in which I had fully treated. They never gave me what I was hoping for.

The thing was I really wanted to like them and tried all the tricks I could gather from the Agon community. In the end I believe my room was just too small for them. Very disappointing. Mine were dealer demoes that I took back.
I don't know why, buy I liked the MG12's better than the 1.7's. I know most people would rather have the bigger one, but if you really like the Magnepan sound, the 12 may be better than another type of speaker that wouldn't be your first choice. If you want to stay with a planer speaker, I put a small pair of Martin Logan's (SL-3) in a room about that size and had no issues. Stand mounted ProAc's also work well in small rooms.
If you really like the Maggie sound try either MMGs or MG 12s. My room is roughly the same size and I.m thrilled with my MG-12s(modified completely by Magnestand). Just a thought ! ! !
I've never had luck with full size Magnepans in smaller rooms.

Smaller mmgs are probably a better fit,but have not heard these either in a smaller room.

I have also had great success with smaller OHM Walsh speakers in smaller rooms. In general I've moved away from planar designs and more to omnis, OHM in particular, which I think tend to be best bang per buck in most any size room.
Hi Linesource, my friend has the 1.7 in his 12•15•7 basement room.
Sweet spot is about 7-8 feet from the speakers so there's plenty of space
behind the speakers. When you see the room you shake your head and think no no, this will never work. But it does. The sound is very good and 3-d ( depth ) is amazing. Basstrapping is good but I would strongly recommend diffusion instead of absorption on the wall behind the speakers.
We tried both in that room with his 1.7's and with diffusion it's MUCH
better. It makes the room seem bigger and the music is more free and alive. I say it again: big difference . Good luck.