Magnepan 1.7s in a 10x13' dedicated room?

I'm planning on upgrading my speakers soon and want to go back to Magnepans. I'm considering MG12s but came across nearly new 1.7s on Craigs List for a good price. Problem is, my room is only 10x13x8', but I can do anything I want to it. It already has three bass traps, (two in front corners, one at ceiling wall juncture in back) and 24 1x2' Auralex absorbers spaced around the room. Floor is hardwood with a big think area rug. Anyone put 1.6s or 1.7s in a room of similar size?
One factor that wasn't discussed here was ceiling height... I've always had rooms that were 8' height until our last move.  10' ceilings make a big improvement in sound stage/imaging
My first home had a 15' wide x 23' long room with 10' ceiling and one end perfect for audio... the back of the room had a big stairway going upstairs.  I had Vandersteen 2c with Counterpoint... it was wonderful.

Now I have 1.7i in a 12' x 23' with 8'6" coffin style ceiling. I have found that my Maggies like being about 5' from the rear wall and 6" from the side walls.... but nothing sounds good in a bad room. Do room treatment before buying anything else.
Any thoughs a year later ? I have a small room